When homeowners seek estimates from contractors, they frequently encounter several common complaints. Customer feedback and experiences often highlight the following major issues:

1) No Written Estimates

Verbal estimates can cause misunderstandings. Homeowners usually favor written estimates, providing a concrete record of the discussion and promises.

2) High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Some contractors may employ aggressive sales tactics, pressuring homeowners into quick decisions or opting for pricier solutions, causing discomfort and unease.

3) Vague Timeframes

Homeowners need clarity on project duration. Vague or broad timeframes from contractors can create uncertainty and make homeowners question their reliability or expertise.

4) Delayed Responses

Many homeowners value timeliness. Waiting an extended period for an estimate or a contractor’s failure to arrive when promised can cause significant frustration.

5) Lacking References or Reviews

When hiring a contractor, trust is vital. Homeowners often feel uneasy without trusted reviews, testimonials or references that attest to the contractor’s work quality.

Naturally, these complaints can differ by region, project type and individual expectations. In any homeowner-contractor relationship, communication is key. Open, honest, and prompt discussions can mitigate or prevent many of these issues.

The Cipriani Experience is designed to specifically address these common complaints, ensuring homeowners enjoy a positive, memorable Design-Build home remodeling experience. Here’s a quick glimpse:

Accurate, Written Estimates

We deliver an accurate written estimate range, outlining a detailed scope of work so you have a clear understanding of what we provide for the investment made.

Relationship-Oriented Design Team

At Cipriani, we don’t employ a “Sales Team”. Instead, our team comprises talented, award-winning Remodeling Designers who listen better and care more. We seek to understand you, your lifestyle and your remodeling needs to provide a solution.

Detailed Project Schedule

As we initiate your project, we’ll provide a detailed schedule highlighting key milestones, scheduled appointments, and deadlines. You should be informed about your home’s progress and this timetable ensures you’ll stay updated throughout the duration of your project.

Consistent, Open Communication

From your initial contact with our team, you will experience the responsiveness you deserve. Though every project comes with a detailed guide, your Remodeling Designer & Project Manager will update you daily about your project’s progress. We strive to address your concerns proactively, ensuring you’re always in the loop without needing to ask.

Raving Homeowner Reviews

Of course, you may want more than just our assurance! Fortunately, many happy homeowners have enjoyed their own Cipriani Experience. Hear more about it from them.

We understand that remodeling is a significant decision. Recognizing the apprehension many homeowners feel due to past negative encounters with contractors, we’ve spent 45 years crafting an experience that directly addresses these industry concerns, ensuring our clients are glad they choose Cipriani Remodeling Solutions.

Connect with us for a glimpse into our unique approach and discover what home remodeling should be!