Cipriani 5 Step Process

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Let's Discuss Your Remodeling Project

Step 1 – Free In-Home, Online, or Design Center Consultation

One of our Remodeling Designers can either visit your home, meet with you at one of our design centers, or invite you to an online design meeting. They’ll listen closely to your ideas to better understand what you would like to achieve with your project. They’ll talk about the different levels of investment other homeowners have made for similar projects. Once measurements of the space are procured, and photos are taken, your Remodeling Designer will develop design ideas for your project. This usually takes about a week to produce.

Our Difference
Step 2 Design

Step 2 – Design Presentation and Review of Estimate

Step 2 is a second meeting with your Remodeling Designer as either an in-person meeting at our design center, or as an online appointment. At this meeting they will present their proposed design ideas and investment ranges for your new space. They’ll also share some insight on different products that could be used for your project, as well as different colors and textures that may add interesting design elements to your home. Lastly, they will educate you on how our craftsmen will produce your project in a timely and efficient way.

Step 3 – Refining Your Project using our Project Development Process

This is where the final design, material selections and budget all come together. Through additional meetings, we’ll work together to craft the look and feel of your new space. We’ll handpick the brand name, model number, color and size for each product in your custom design. Finally, we’ll perform a structural and mechanical analysis of your home to ensure that there will be no unexpected additional costs during the project. There is a very modest fee for the services in Step 3.

Step 3 - Refine
Step 4 - Define

Step 4 – Define and Document the Project

Once we have reached a clear understanding of the project design elements, materials and costs, we then put it all in writing for your review and approval. You’ll be surprised how detailed your agreement will be. It will include details such as the scope of work, specifications, drawings and floor plans, product photos, permits, dust protection, safety information, start and completion dates, a payment schedule that will make you feel safe and comfortable, and lastly our warranty and insurance information. 

Step 5 – Build Your Project

This is where the fun begins! We will obtain all required building permits and all materials will be ordered. Two weeks before starting your project, your designer will introduce you to your project manager. This meeting will give everyone a chance to get acquainted and discuss project details. They can learn about how they will access your home, where they will store building materials and how they will develop a dust protection plan. After this meeting, it’s time to build!

Step 5 - Build