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Let's Discuss Your Remodeling Project

The Difference In Our Approach

Stress-Free Remodeling With A Personal Touch

Learn how you can benefit when remodeling your home with Cipriani Remodeling Solutions.

Our Stress-Free Approach

We have a five-step process that maps out your whole project from start to finish. The steps are: listen better than anyone else, present a great design and solution to your needs, refine the design and budget as needed, define the final decisions in writing and, lastly, build the project right the first time.

Stress Free Approach

Our Personal Touch

It all starts with our remodeling consultants, who are as unique as their design concepts. They’ll take the time to ask all the right questions and make sure that they understand exactly what you want to achieve with your new project. Then they take your goals and come up with amazing designs for you to review.

Once the design is approved, you’ll need to choose the right materials and fixtures. Our remodeling designers take you out to the various supplier showrooms to see all available options. They’ll help you choose the right materials from the best manufacturers.  This includes everything from plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, to the paint colors for your walls.

After your final approval of the design and budget, a skilled project manager will be assigned to your project to make sure everything is properly installed.

Our Company’s 7 Promises To You:

  1. To be an expert by keeping up with the latest construction methods.
  2. To be trustworthy and dependable from concept to completion.
  3. To deliver what we said we would deliver.
  4. To communicate with you daily so you’ll always be in the know.
  5. To make your project our priority and not jump around to other jobs.
  6. To be sensitive and considerate of your living conditions during the project.
  7. To be friendly and optimistic throughout the entire project.
Our Difference
Project Calendar

Our Project Calendar with Start and Completion Dates

We give you a calendar to hang on your wall that will tell you when all the different phases of the project will start. You will know exactly when everything is supposed to happen on a daily basis right down to the final quality control inspections.

Our Safe Pay Process

Most contractors ask for a large deposit and homeowners must then cross their fingers and hope that the contractor starts when he or she said they would start. Also, homeowners have to worry that the contractor lives up to their promise of delivering good craftsmanship. We always say that whoever has control of the funds has power. You shouldn’t give large deposits to contractors, and you should only pay for work as each phase is completed and approved by you. That’s why we provide a written payment schedule that puts you in control of the funds.

Risk Free Payments
Your Experience

Your Experience

Above all else, we want you to love your experience while working with our designers and craftsmen. We know you could love the craftsmanship but be frustrated with the process of how it got done. Our staff cares about you and are meticulous in their work, and it will show in the final product. Our passion is designing and building beautiful living environments for each family we work with. We have been doing this for thousands of South Jersey families since 1978 and we’d love for you to be next!

Quality Control

We want to ensure your complete satisfaction with your remodeling project. That’s why we perform a detailed quality control inspection of every project after completion. You’re going to love how your project looks and how you’re taken care of – we guarantee it! 

Cipriani Quality Control