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 – Stress-Free –

Because we want you to feel comfortable with our remodeling process, we have a 5-step process that allows you to see what your project is going to look like and cost before we get started.

Customers love that we take the time to ask all the right questions and listen intently to make sure we clearly understand what they want. They also love the value we bring with our full-service design and build process.

 – Personal Touch Service –

It starts with our Remodeling Consultants, who are more than just designers; they take your ideas and come up with amazing designs, but they don’t stop there. They also walk you through the process of selecting from the myriad of choices in materials, plumbing supplies, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, tiles, backsplashes… They take what can be a very time consuming and confusing process and get you what you are looking for. Then they go shopping with you to select everything and get you the best deals possible. Your project is then turned over to one of our Project Managers that will be at your home everyday to make sure the job is built exactly the way you wanted it.

 – Risk-Free –

We will be one of the most risk-free remodeling companies you can work with. We don’t take a huge deposit to get started. Once the job begins and things are completed and approved, then you are charged for the work. We give you a project calendar with start and completion dates in your agreement so you know exactly when everything is supposed to happen. We want you to trust Cipriani Remodeling Solutions to deliver a great product and a great experience.

 – Love Your Experience –

You will love working with our designers and project managers. We also want you to love your finished project as well as the experience to get it completed. Our passion is designing and building beautiful living environments for each family we work with. It has been our job to do this on over 3,000 projects since 1978.

Here is how we do it for you:

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