As a home remodeling company in South Jersey, we know the importance of creating an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional. Homeowners have several options when it comes to creating an at-home oasis from designing the space itself to complementing it with a garden/landscaping.

Here is a 5-step plan for South Jersey homeowners planning a home remodeling project like this…

  1. Have a new outdoor space designed and built.

From adding a patio or deck to creating an outdoor kitchen or wet bar, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to transforming your outdoor space. Here are some of the most popular types of outdoor remodeling projects:

  • Patios and Decks – Patios and decks are a great way to create an outdoor living space that can be used for entertaining, dining, or simply relaxing. A well-designed patio or deck can be the perfect spot to enjoy warm summer evenings with family and friends. Plus, you can include room for a fireplace or firepit, develop a custom lighting plan and more.
  • Outdoor Kitchens – An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any home that loves to entertain. It allows you to cook and serve meals outside, without having to constantly run back and forth to the indoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can range from simple grills and prep areas to fully equipped cooking and dining spaces complete with appliances and seating.
  • Wet Bars – If you enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings, a wet bar can be a great addition to your outdoor space. A wet bar typically includes a sink, refrigerator, and storage for drinks and barware. It’s the perfect spot to mix and serve cocktails or grab a cold drink while lounging outside.

Whether you’re looking to create an outdoor oasis for entertaining or simply want to enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior, there are many different types of outdoor home remodeling projects to choose from. By working with a Design Build professional, you can design and build the perfect outdoor space for your home and lifestyle.

  1. Choose the right plants.

When selecting plants to complement your outdoor space, it’s important to choose species that are well-suited to the South Jersey climate. The climate in this region is characterized by hot summers and cold winters, which can make gardening a bit challenging. With the right strategies and tools, you can create a thriving garden that will provide you with beauty and nourishment all year. Look for plants that can tolerate both heat and cold, and that will thrive in the soil and light conditions on your property. Some good options for South Jersey gardens include tomatoes, peppers, herbs, flowers such as petunias and marigolds, and shrubs or small trees.

  1. Plan your garden layout.

Before you start planting, take time to plan out your layout. Consider factors like the amount of sunlight your garden will receive, the size of your garden space, and the types of plants you want to grow. You may want to create raised beds or container gardens to optimize growing conditions.

  1. Prepare your soil.

The quality of your soil is a key factor in the success of your garden. South Jersey soils tend to be sandy, which can make them difficult to work with. To improve your soil quality, consider adding organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure. This will help to improve soil structure and increase nutrient levels.

  1. Consider incorporating hardscaping elements.

In addition to plants, you may want to consider incorporating hardscaping elements into your landscape design. This can include features such as a patio, walkways, or retaining walls, which can help to define your space and create a more functional outdoor area.

By following these tips, you can transform your home into your own private getaway destination, improve your home’s value and curb appeal, and comfortably enjoy time spent outdoors.