South Jersey kitchen, bathroom & addition home remodeling projects


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South Jersey kitchen, bathroom & addition home remodeling project ideas


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South Jersey kitchen, bathroom & addition home remodeling project ideas


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South Jersey kitchen, bathroom & addition home remodeling project ideas


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South Jersey kitchen, bathroom & addition home remodeling project ideas

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We are a full-service design/build company that specializes in kitchen designs, bathroom ideas, and home remodeling projects in South Jersey. Our Teams don’t do boring or ordinary, we specialize in EXTRAORDINARY! We design & build remodeling masterpieces. If you are looking for an exciting room makeover, whether it’s replacing everything, a total new layout, or adding a new addition, we are the company to get it done for you!

  – WHO WE ARE –

Listening better and caring more – it’s not just a slogan. It’s what people have loved about us since 1978. The Cipriani Remodeling Solutions team has built our kitchen, bathroom & home addition remodeling business on these principles:

Listening • Caring • Character • Craftsmanship


Our Design Team takes the time to listen to your concerns and desires. They inject their creativity into your ideas to provide extraordinary, one-of-a-kind remodels. They live for challenging, distinctive projects. Whether it’s kitchen designs, bathroom ideas, or home remodeling projects, you’ll be amazed at what we can come up with TOGETHER. Our Designers Personal Touch Service also takes you shopping to select all the products for your amazing design.


We only require a 2% down-payment to get started. You pay the remainder as the job is completed. Don’t use anyone who needs 25% – 50% up front, it’s too risky.


We have a 5-step process to make sure your project runs smoothly. Our Project Management Team is very respectful of your home. They take great care to protect every area that is not under construction. We use a dedicated Project Manager in your home to ensure the highest quality work is done and to answer any questions you have. We value you, your time and your home. We want this to be the easiest and most risk-free kitchen, bathroom or home addition remodeling project you can experience.

Our Teams

Our Philosophy

The Expert You Need

fusing art with talent

We’ve been focused on remodeling for over 38 years, so we have the expertise to advise you on the best way to approach your renovation. You need an expert who knows how your home is constructed and can help you with the design and then build your new kitchen, bathroom, or addition. You also need expert advise on the best layouts and products to achieve your vision that is within your budget.

The Craftsmen You Want

we do what's right

You want to work with craftsmen who are highly skilled in the latest technologies to ensure a healthy and long lasting environment. Regardless of the size or budget of the project, you want a realistic schedule, quality work and immediate resolutions to any questions that are sure to arise.

The Design You Expect


Without a good design, you won’t know exactly what you are getting. With a bad design your project won’t function right or last long. If you think good design is costly, look at the expense of a bad design. We take you through a 5-step process with clear documentation, plans and agreements so you know exactly what you are getting. This is the design that you should expect!

The Partner You Trust


A home is the greatest investment most of us will ever make and maintaining its value is very important, especially in this economic environment. You expect to work with a professional who can be trusted to respect your investment, do what they say and make you their priority. We promise to do that.


Mima & Joe P - Marlton, NJ

We truly had a wonderful experience with our home improvement project! Jim Z. was the perfect match for us as our project manager. He was always so calm even when there was chaos. The best part about working with Cipriani Builders was that from the first meeting with Jay Stack to the final walk through, everyone involved wanted to make sure that as the consumer we were satisfied. Whenever we wanted a change, it was done. If they themselves didn’t like how something was coming along, they would make it better. All in all they are a first rate building company. We just couldn’t love our kitchen and closet addition more!!!

Everyone we came in contact with were so professional! Our project manager was always there tending to every detail and answered any questions in a timely manner. It was also comforting to know that we could feel safe leaving our home in the hands of Cipriani employees.

Sara S - Glassboro, NJ

As always Jay was great, took care of any problems I had and also helped me make some decisions that I wasn’t sure about. Jim Moffa and his crew did a great job. Jim is very friendly and made sure that I was happy with everything he did. This was my third job with Cipriani Builders and the reason I choose them is because I can trust them I never had to worry it they were getting things done. I could leave my house and not have to worry about a thing which is very hard to find people that you can truly trust. As always I miss everyone when the job is over. Thank you for all the hard work everyone.

Angie’s List Review May 6th

Picking a contractor to rebuild our dream home is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.
BEFORE I picked Cipriani to do our work we had more than 10 contractors come and give us quotes on our major project. They differed quite significantly in cost to the point that it was confusing. We ended up picking the one who looked the best and gave a decent price, only to be thoroughly let down. We lost around $10,000 to [that] contractor…

That led me to Cipriani Builders and the best choice I think I could have possibly made. They were recommended to me initially by word of mouth from an architect friend. They have been outstanding on a level that I simply did not think was possible with all of the stories I had heard about the construction industry. I learned a lot as I lost that $10,000 mainly to pay attention to the quotes, the professionalism of the people, and most importantly for the final cost the details of what were and were not included. My initial quote from Cipriani builders was significantly more expensive than any of the others I had. This made me nervous but as I went through it and compared them (I am an engineer so like to look at the details) it was obvious that Cipriani’s quote included absolutely EVERYTHING and the price they showed me would be the price I paid for the job I wanted (barring any scary unforeseen surprises.)

When I looked at the quotes from other companies they were missing the details or materials and I would be expected to pay for those items separately. Also when I looked at the allowances in some of the other quotes they weren’t realistic to the prices for materials I had already been looking for like hard wood flooring and tiling.
So I chose Cipriani.

An outstanding company and excellent value for the money we paid. I can’t recommend them enough and do recommend them personally to all of our friends. If you are nervous about picking the right contractor and spending a large sum of money picking Cipriani is the right decision.

Deena & James O - Haddonfield, NJ

Their timing was impeccable. They started on the right day and finished on the right day. I was without a kitchen for only 3 weeks. It was nice that they were able to put my ripped up kitchen back together quickly.

Susan B - Haddonfield, NJ

I could trust that they would do what they promised from past experience working with them. There weren’t going to be any surprises. We’ve been working with Jay since 1984. We have come back again and again.

John & Elvena E - Thorofare, NJ

I really like that up to 3 years after the project they will take care of small things like nail pops and cracks in the walls. They are very responsive. I was satisfied by the beautiful job that they did with the kitchen remodeling.We also appreciated the work they did on our second home at the shore; they totally rebuilt it so that it’s much more livable and will give the family many more years of enjoyment. Cipriani Remodeling Solutions was very responsive to our needs and listened to our wish list. They presented us with the plan that they thought would best meet our needs.

Angie’s List Review July 12th

We had already had Cipriani builders renovate our home at a cost of $350,000 and were so happy with them that they were the only company we called to take a look at our next project.

I needed a new roof, windows, dormers and ancillaries on my pole barn/workshop. They worked with me to fit the project within my budget but still give me everything I wanted. The team that worked on the project were tidy and considerate.  The project went perfectly to plan with no issues what so ever.  The quality of the work was great, and the barn looks stunning. The work they did was in keeping with a classic red pole barn. I am very happy with how it turned out.

Whatever my next project is, I already know that Cipriani builders will be the contractors doing it for me.

Angela & Marc T - Cherry Hill, NJ

I was very pleased with everything. It was exactly as they said it would be. They took care of any problems I had until I was happy. The designer was wonderful and the project manager was terrific. I can’t say enough good things about the company they are honest, dependable and accurate. I would highly recommend them.

Lynne & Robert Y - Mullica Hill, NJ

Cipriani was very professional and did a great job. This is the second project they did for us and we are very happy with the finished product. They are great to work with and would highly recommend them.

Patrick & Joyce D - Sewell, NJ

Overall they did an excellent job in all areas and have always made us feel confident the job would be completed as planned and would exceed our expectations… We highly recommend Cipriani whenever anyone inquires about a remodeler.

Dan & Leslie P - Cherry Hill, NJ

They listened to our ideas, and never assumed that we were content with whatever they accomplished until they physically demonstrated the product to us. That went a long way.

Rob L - Williamstown, NJ

Their thoroughness is outstanding. Their professionalism and courteousness is also uncanny.

John & Marie B - Marlton, NJ

I was most satisfied with their response to our problems. They really came through. I think they did an excellent job.

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