There are two solutions to growing families that need more space: add on to your existing home or move to a new, bigger home. Find out why expanding your home is better than moving in today’s post from Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, one of your most trusted kitchen remodel companies. Moving Involves More Costs 

reasons why a home expansion or remodel is better than moving

Moving involves a lot of unavoidable costs, which includes realtor fees, home staging, home inspection, lawyer’s fees and land transfer taxes–not to mention the often significant expenses involved in physically moving all your possessions from one home to another. Then there are fees for the new utility account. Plus, the new home you’re moving to may require repairs or remodels, which can range from simple paint jobs to complete kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Moving Is Harder on the Family

Your children may have to go to a new school depending on where you move. This can cause stress and anxiety to the kids since they have to leave their friends and adapt to a new environment. You’ll also have to get familiar with a new commute and new traffic patterns. Moving Is Simply a Bigger Hassle

Moving means changing the address on your driver’s license, health care card and other identifications. You’ll have to close or transfer your existing utility accounts to the new owners. 

After days of packing and a long day of transporting your belongings to your new house, you’ll be faced with the hassle of unpacking. There’s also a risk that some of your things will get damaged or lost the way. Keep in mind that it’s not cheap to move furniture, appliances and household items.  

If you need more space for your family, it’s worth looking into adding onto your existing home. You just might find that this will provide a more convenient and cost-effective solution for the whole family.

Choose a trusted contractor like Cipriani Remodeling Solutions for your home expansion. You can view our additions and bathroom remodel gallery for ideas and options for your project. Call us at (856) 202-3322 or complete our online form to request a quote. We work with homeowners in New Jersey. 

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