Remodeling projects don’t always go according to schedule even with careful planning. To create a realistic timeline and give yourself the best chance of a smooth and seamless remodeling experience, it helps to understand all that will be involved in the project.

Here are key factors that affect a bathroom remodel schedule from your trusted bathroom and kitchen renovation contractor, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. 

Minor Upgrades

A bathroom makeover is a type of remodel that doesn’t involve changes to the plumbing or electrical systems. With a makeover, there is no need to remove pipes, wires or vents. Work is typically limited to replacing tiles, fixtures, and the toilet or vanity. 

No large materials will have to be ordered for this type of remodel since there won’t be any demolition. It usually takes your home remodeling contractor three to five days to complete a bathroom makeover. On the first day, the old fixtures and tiles will be removed and a primer coat of paint will be applied. Adding more coats of paint can take another full day, as can the installation of new fixtures. Replacing the toilet could add another day to your project.

Complete Remodel

The process of completely renovating a bathroom is more complex. More on-site work is involved, as is more paperwork. You may need to obtain permits, meaning there will be inspections, which can extend your timeline. 

The project may involve demolition, disconnection from utilities, removal, cleanup, installations, reconnections to utilities, construction and finishing. Expect to dedicate two to three days for each area of the bathroom. 

Replacing cabinets as well as changing the placement of lights and ceiling fan can affect your remodeling timeline. You can help avoid delays by ordering materials well in advance of the project start date.

Frequent communication with your contractor can help you stay on schedule. For reliable bathroom and kitchen remodeling services, choose Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. Our design team is here to help you build a bathroom that suits your style and needs. Call us at (856) 202-3322 or complete our online form to request a quote.