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Our Updated Referral Rewards Offer

If you love to travel we have a great idea for you. Simply refer us to anyone and, if they complete a project with us, we will send you a travel voucher valued up to $2,000 for you and a friend to use. You can also fill out their information in the above form. You have a choice of one of the following travel rewards:

It’s The Real Deal!

You don’t have to sit through any presentations or listen to any pitches. Just go on a complimentary trip and enjoy yourselves. All you have to do is refer someone to us and once they complete their job, we will send you a travel voucher valued at over $1,400 for you to use however you want. If you don’t like traveling, we can send you a $250 Amazon Gift Certificate instead of the Travel Voucher.

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Destination Information

cruise travel reward gift

5-Day & 4-Night Cruise For 2 Adults

Frequently Asked Questions – 2 Round-Trip Airline Ticket Voucher

Q. What is my responsibility to use this voucher?
A. Just select from one of the destinations listed in your voucher and book the hotel or one of the hotels listed at the rate listed and among the most popular with travelers.

Q. How many nights am I responsible to make reservations for?
A. The number of nights required is determined by the airport that you will depart from.

Q. How many persons are my voucher valid for?
A. 2 persons, one being at least 21 years old.

Q. Is there an expiration date on my voucher?
A. No

Q. Is my voucher transferable?
A. Yes

Q. Are blackout dates excluded?
A. Please call the toll free number for the departure date that you are interested in or for any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions – 8-Day & 7-Night Luxury Accommodations

Q. Does this offer include airline tickets or meals?
A. No

Q. How many destinations and resorts are available?
A. Over 3,000

Q. Are there blackout dates?
A. You can view destinations, resorts, and availability online once with a serial number that will be provided to you with your voucher.

Q. How many persons are our voucher valid for?
A. Up to six persons depending upon availability.

Q. Are there any fees associated with our voucher?
A. Yes. $280 per week for up to six persons. Destinations out of the USA may ay require a nominal daily tax and meal plan per person which will be posted on their specific destination on the site.

Q. Is our voucher transferable?
A. Yes. To view destinations log on to www.oneweekgetaway.com. Click X, click Promotional Get Aways, Regions, Destinations. Click any month in orange.

Frequently Asked Questions – 5-Day & 4-Night Cruise

Q. What destination can I select?
A. You may select either the Bahamas or Cozumel, Mexico.

Q. What cruise lines are offered?
A. Carnival and Royal Carribean Cruise Lines.

Q. Can I select either of the two cruise lines offered?
A. Yes, the sailing date that you select has availability.

Q. What am I responsible for?
A. $177 per person for port fees and taxes based on double occupancy.

Q. Can we add additional persons to our cabin?
A. Yes. Each additional person would be charged approximately $250 per person based upon cabin selection and departure date.

Q. Where does the ship depart from?
A. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Q. What is included in my cruise?
A. All meals, entertainment, casino and complimentary activities.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book my cruise?
A. At least 60 days is suggested.