The International Builders’ Show (IBS) is one of the most anticipated shows in the building industry and is attended by thousands of building professionals every year. With over 1,500 exhibitors across 600,000 square feet of show floor, new trends are showcased every year. In today’s post, home remodeling contractor Cipriani Remodeling Solutions recaps the biggest home trends in this year’s IBS.

Mixed Finishes

Mixed finishes add complexity that makes every day decor look more interesting. Light fixtures with brass finishes combined with muted, matte black or aluminum are striking and work well in any home style. This juxtaposition of textures also works on components such as oven knobs, cabinet handles and refrigerators.

Warm Metals

Warm metals have been trending in jewelry, technology and other areas in recent years. Rose gold jewelry has made a comeback lately, and smartphone manufacturers are even offering rose-colored gold and muted brass tones to their product colorways. These warm metals are now trending in bathroom and kitchen remodeling too, where they’re often found in fixtures, handles and other decor elements.

Modern Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces have been replaced by more efficient furnaces, yet many homeowners still want the aesthetic effect and supplemental heating that fireplaces provide. Luxury gas-fired fireplaces with a see-through design that allows installation virtually anywhere, eliminating floor plan constraints, are trending this year.

Color Matching

Matching a specific color from a publication, sample or existing decor can be difficult unless you know the exact color swatch that was used. Thanks to innovations in modern color technology, color matching is now easier than ever. One particular technology that stood out in IBS 2019 was the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Match. It features a device that’s just a bit bigger than a 9-volt battery, which is paired with an accompanying smartphone app. The user simply places the device on any surface, and it calculates the closest matches of Sherwin-Williams paint.

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