This Moorestown family needed a much larger living area for a new family room. Our solution was to use the existing garage as a family room because it was a large space and would be close to the kitchen. This created plenty more space on the first floor. In the new family room, we installed beautiful, large windows and a door for access to the backyard. We also extended the hot water baseboard into this new living area. Along with the new family room, we renovated their existing kitchen with a new peninsula and immaculate hardwood flooring – which tied all of the existing appliances together.

We then installed a new two-car garage to replace the old one. Originally, the family would have to enter the garage from the side. Instead, we installed new garage doors facing the street and we included a brand new asphalt driveway as the entrance.

In the end, we were able to give them a new, beautiful kitchen and family room and we prevented them from having to give up their garage space to achieve this goal.