Jay Cipriani, President of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions

The headline in a recent Courier Post article read: “Home Improvement Contractors Top Consumer Complaint List.”  The article gives the stats:  of the 12,240 complaints filed in 2011 with the State Division of Consumer Affairs, 937 (7.6%) were about companies in my industry.  The next highest category was motor vehicle complaints.  Read Article Here.

So why was I mad?  Because home remodeling is an honorable industry and there’s no excuse for bad contractors continuing to be in this business.  This article goes on to say that contractors should be registered but that alone does not guarantee good service.

Good contractors are professionals who take their business seriously.  They don’t jump in and out of the industry because of the economy.  They are committed to developing best practices and delivering a quality product and quality customer service.

Good contractors stayed informed about new products and installation techniques.  They use trusted subcontractors for specialty trades like electricians and plumbers.  They also provide experienced job site supervision so a customer’s home is protected and cared for.

Good contractors talk to their customers, they don’t hide.  They listen to their concerns and follow up like a professional.  They provide information, advice and make sure their customer understands what to expect during a renovation.

Good contractors should be mad about the fact that there are too many bad contractors out there giving us all a bad name.  I know it makes me very mad…


~ Jay Cipriani