It’s important that you only hire a reliable contractor for your home renovation project. You also need to ensure that you read your entire contract and fully understand everything in it before signing, as this document ensures you and your contractor are on the same page. 

Today, your trusted New Jersey kitchen contractor, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, discusses the key components that should be included in a remodeling contract as per the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

1. The name of the contractor as well as their address, phone number and license number. 

2. What your contractor will and will not do.

3. A detailed list of materials and products that will be used for the remodel. For example, if you’re working on a kitchen remodeling project, the list should include the brand name and model of the appliances, countertop material, cabinet color, etc. 

4. The estimated start and end date. 

5. All the design plans. Make sure to study them intently and that you approve of everything. If this information is not in your contract, you should request that it be added before the renovation starts. 

6. A written notice of your right to turn down a contract, without penalties, within three business days of signing.

7. The costs involved in the project must be outlined in an easy-to-understand manner. The contract should state the total price, payment schedule and cancellation penalties.

8. A binding arbitration clause, which is helpful in case you disagree with your contractor. This clause helps you resolve disputes without litigation. 

9. All the items you requested must be included in the contract. Don’t sign a contract unless it is complete. 

10. The warranty is a very important part of your contract. Check to see whether the warranty is “full” or “limited.” It should have the name and address of the party who will authorize the warranty, such as the contractor or manufacturer. 

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