Not all home remodeling companies are going to be able to deliver the results you want. To ensure you’re hiring the right company, it pays to be on the lookout for a few red flags. 

If your contractor says or does any of the following things, they’re probably not the right fit for you and your project.

They Haven’t Handled This Type of Installation Before

Say you come across a beautiful photograph of a modern bathroom that you think is perfect for your home. You show your contractor the photo, and they say they haven’t installed those types of fixtures before but are sure they can handle it.

Take this as a red flag. Even if the contractor has a good reputation, it’s better to choose a company that has experience working on the type of project you have in mind for your bathroom remodel. Remember, you can always call the manufacturer of a product you want and they should be able to refer you to trusted contractors that are qualified to install that item.

They Keep Pressuring You

Your remodeling project should be about what you want, not what your contractor wants. Always put your vision, style and needs first. Your remodeler can’t read your mind. They aren’t doing very well with their job if they aren’t listening to what you’re telling them about your preferences. If you feel like you’re not being heard, choose another contractor.

They Don’t Have All The Skills Required To Complete Your Project

Do you need a contractor that can provide design expertise as well as installation? Then don’t hire a company that only specializes in building. 

A builder is a good choice if your project involves something simple like replacing a window or installing a new counter. You need a design-build firm, however, if you’re doing a major home remodel or if you’re not sure how to utilize your existing space. Go for a design-build contractor if the project requires removing interior walls and changing the layout of a room. A design-build is capable of designing, planning, scheduling, and building.  

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