Kitchen Remodeling

Swedesboro, NJ

 A work accident years ago severely limited the way this gentleman used his kitchen. He loves to cook and entertain guests, and even though he and his wife had this custom home built, the original builder didn’t take into consideration his needs for mobility or access to enable him to be the chef he so desired. The space between the refrigerator and the island was too tight. The angled peninsula limited wheelchair access.

After asking a lot of questions, our designer created a floor plan that allowed free flow around the kitchen and customized storage for ease of access. They decided to update the entire first floor with new paint colors, LVT flooring, and carpet. The new lighter wall colors created a more bright and welcoming area.

We’ve been doing kitchen remodeling projects in Sweseboro, NJ since 1978. If you have a kitchen remodeling project in Swedesboro, NJ, we can create a design that fits both you and your family.

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