Home Renovation

Medford, NJ

This Medford family has worked with our Remodeling Designer, Anne van de Rijn, on several projects – now including this Whole Home Renovation.

Starting in the kitchen, Anne designed a space that was elegant, functional and set the tone for the look and feel of the rest of the home. You’ll notice an enclosed pantry in the kitchen as well as a beverage bar. We combined ambient and task lighting in this space to enhance the functionality.

From there, our team brought the master bathroom design to life with careful attention to detail. Nick Zizzamia, one of our seasoned Project Managers, worked with Anne and our production team to make it happen.

The hall bathrooms on the first and second floor were remodeled as part of this Whole Home Renovation, each of them with their own unique design. You’ll notice the green color palette used in each room of the home. The consistency of certain design elements like the color(s) and finishes threads each room together.

Anne and Nick made this home gorgeous and move-in ready for the homeowners!

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