Kitchen Remodeling

Medford, NJ

These homeowners wanted to create a stylish kitchen space using shaker style cabinets, but also desired a touch of farmhouse décor sprinkled into the design concept. Designer, Anne van de Rijn helped inspire them by showing them a beautiful countertop sample which helped set the color scheme for the kitchen. She also helped them find a stunning tile backsplash that pulled together the counters and cabinets.

 Anne also searched out a salvage yard in Philadelphia and was able to find an old roof truss from a church. We cut and fabricated that repurposed wood into floating shelves to add that farmhouse aesthetic that the homeowners desired.

We were able to tie in the existing flooring, and now the space flows beautifully into the other rooms of the home.

We used contemporary paint colors and transformed the kitchen into a perfect space for this family to host parties and to spend quality time during breakfast and dinner!

Check out our award-winning kitchen remodeling ideas and craftsmanship. We’ve been remodeling in Medford since 1978, with dozens of projects completed. The photos in this gallery are from a kitchen remodeling project we completed in 2015. If you have a kitchen remodeling project in Medford, NJ check out the remodeling solutions we have for you..

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