Kitchen Remodeling

Holly Drive – Medford, NJ

We first met these homeowners in March of 2020. A week later, the COVID-19 pandemic began, and the world shut down. They wanted to continue with their plans to remodel, so our designer Anne coordinated remote Zoom meetings and socially distanced product selection meetings where we could work safely.

This beautiful home sits on a Medford lake, but the homeowners’ views were compromised due to the existing small windows. The new design goal was to enlarge the kitchen footprint and brighten up the new space using natural daylight. We accomplished this by removing the wall separating the dining room and kitchen and by installing larger windows.

New wood flooring was installed in the kitchen that matched the existing flooring in the old dining room. Custom Conestoga cabinets were planned out and installed to give the homeowners exactly what they wanted in terms of new storage. The perfect island countertop was chosen based on just the right amount of movement in the stone and the perfect color hue that the homeowners wanted. Finding the right backsplash took time, but we were able to choose a beautiful geometric tile and color that tied all of the cabinets and countertops together. What was once a dark and crowded kitchen is now an open and airy space with beautiful views from every angle.

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MAME Awards

MAME 2021 Award-Winning Project:

Anne Van de Rijn provided exceptional guidance, communication, and design creativity. She was the primary reason that we elected to choose Cipriani. She advocated for our concerns throughout the entire process.

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