Kitchen Remodeling

Marlton, NJ – Buckley Ln.

When this Marlton homeowner called us, they had a small kitchen that was not serving them well in terms of being functional. By the time her Remodeling Designer, Anne, and Project Manager, Shawn, were done she called her new kitchen a dream come true!

With a heavy focus on function, Anne designed a beautiful space that Shawn and his team brought to life. We removed a wall between the dining area and kitchen, and a closet that opened from the foyer hallway to create a more open layout and add more space to the kitchen without having to build out from the house.

From there, we added a collection of special, custom touches. For example, there is a pull-out for the dog’s food and water bowls, shelves tucked into the wall, and open shelving for cookbooks. To accommodate the family’s lifestyle, we added an island and peninsula because they love to cook, a coffee station, and a new closet off of the living room.

We were able to make their kitchen more functional without sacrificing storage needs while still adding fun features!

Designed for You. Built for Life. 

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I have been dreaming of this kitchen for 20+ years. Anne came in and listened to everything I wanted and created it to a tee. Nick and Rich listen to everything I wanted or needed to change. These past holidays were great with everyone in the kitchen helping with the cooking, laughing and making memories! Thank you all for making my dream come true.

K. Griffin