Kitchen Remodeling

Haddonfield, NJ

This Haddonfield couple wanted to expand their kitchen space and create an open floor plan. The addition we built gave them a room to accommodate all of their wishes. Front and center is a clever island and table combination. A higher edge around the island defines each side and shields the sink from view. Half of the table base is built with open front cabinets, making it feel like an extended, casual bar top.

Our kitchen remodeling designer worked with Jenn & David to create a traditional style that really suited this home. Some of those design details include raised panel cabinets, fluted moldings, corbel supports, and built-ins with groove detail and strap hinges. The countertops are Soapstone, a classic, but with a squared edge profile. That modern touch gives context the contemporary stainless appliances.

To make this a chef’s dream kitchen, we added many custom storage solutions including pull-outs for spices and cooking oils. The cook top and sink are pulled forward from their adjacent cabinets, so the cook always feels in command.

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This company provides excellent quality craftsmanship and sticks to the agreed-upon timetable. Highly recommend. They knew how to solve problems that came up as with most large renovations. They knew how to solve the problems instead of griping about the problem. They were problem solvers. It wasn’t just put upon the homeowner.

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