Kitchen Remodeling

Haddonfield, NJ

These homeowners had an outdated kitchen, broken appliances and no space for their young family to hang out in the kitchen or even watch TV while meals were being prepared. They also needed a place to drop their school bags and an area where Mom could work from home. Also, besides creating the new form and function of the space, they wanted to keep the retro look of the original kitchen. This would be a challenging kitchen renovation. 

To accomplish this challenging wish list, our kitchen designer needed to add additional square footage to the overall kitchen. To create this new larger space, we decided to use the existing enclosed porch between the kitchen and garage. We removed the exterior brick wall between the kitchen and porch to create a larger kitchen and a new sitting and TV area. The new space also allowed for a desk area to work from home.

One of the ways we preserved the retro look was by reusing and mounting the original antique tin foil dispenser under the wall cabinets. Also, the furniture design in the new seating area has a retro flair to it. Finally, the homeowners had a retro yellow color scheme in their original kitchen, so we brought back similar yellow tones with bowls, plates and other small items.

Several other contractors told this family that this wall could not be removed, but we were able to do so and now this family has a stunning kitchen with plenty of space! When others tell you it can’t be done, Cipriani will figure out how it can. 

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Cipriani Remodeling Solutions came so highly recommended that when the time finally came to remodel our 1950’s kitchen, we searched no further than Woodbury, NJ. They met our every expectation by working within our price range, our time frame, and our design vision.

Cindy Cipriani had an approach to remodeling and design that was very personal. She took the time to know us, our house, and our needs so that our dream remodel came true. Her design was careful in measurement, considerate of price and quality in construction. Most importantly, the remodel remained true to the spirit of my 1950’s home.

Deena & James