A Custom Kosher Kitchen

Cherry Hill, NJ

This kitchen is a perfect example of balancing design with function.

When Anne first met this family, they were looking to build an addition onto their home to allow space for a larger kitchen along with a new separate kitchen exclusively for Passover.

Taking the time to understand this family’s needs allowed Anne to see that their project could be accomplished without having to add on. Our team was able to design a true Kosher kitchen with separate areas for meat, dairy and Pareve, as well as a completely separate kitchen that would only be used for Passover, within the existing footprint of their home.

This involved designing the kitchen to fit two ranges, two dishwashers, two sinks, two microwaves and two sets of storage areas for utensils, containers, and cookware. Beyond that, we were able to keep the Passover kitchen closed off using a cabinet door, so it was not used or visible unless the door was open.

Anne made use of every inch of their existing kitchen to bring this gorgeous, functional, and Kosher kitchen to life for them. 

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