Kitchen Remodeling

Cherry Hill, NJ – Society Hill Blvd

We first helped this family in 2014, assisting them in remodeling their bathroom. They were so delighted with our work that they came back to us when it was time for a kitchen transformation. They called back their designer, Sue Faramelli, who designed their previous bathroom project. 

Their most pronounced need for the kitchen was for additional storage. In addition to removing their existing popcorn ceiling and old, worn hardwood flooring, they wanted to completely redesign the kitchen and obtain a more modern look to the space. 

Our design included more cabinets and unique floating shelves to solve the storage needs. We also used the hollow area of a wall cavity to the right of the fridge to add two cabinets. The homeowners wanted a focal point above the sink, since they didn’t have a window, so we increased the depth of the cabinet above the sink to add interest and installed a backsplash applique that really makes that area pop! 

We relocated the microwave next to the refrigerator to open up the space over the range. The homeowner loved our floating shelves so much that they actually added more during the project. The color and finish of the shelves were custom-made to perfectly match their cabinets. The luxury vinyl floor tiles look like authentic porcelain tile, but without the cold, hard feeling under the homeowners’ feet. 

They now have a space that is both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. They will enjoy this space for many years to come. 

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This was the second time we used Cipriani for renovations. Both times our teams were wonderful. – 5-stars!

Marc & Angela