Cherry Hill, NJ – Liberty Bell Drive

Kitchen Remodeling

These Cherry Hill homeowners wanted to modernize the outdated look and maximize the storage space of their 1979 kitchen.

 It was decided to keep the floor plan the same to keep the project within their budget.  To maximize space, we decided to remove the existing soffit and use full-height wall cabinets.  However, duct-work running through the soffit on the refrigerator side of the kitchen prevented us from removing it.  Our solution for the customer was to build out a pantry from the floor to the soffit height, out to the soffit face, to give it a customized built-in look for the pantry and refrigerator.  This was a great solution for the customer, and they love the space and look this gave them.

 Husbands and wives don’t always agree, and this project was no exception.  However, we worked with both parties to ultimately give them what they were looking for.  The husband wanted to have some open- shelf space to display some personal items, but the wife did not want open shelves on the side of the cabinets to ruin the clean look.  As a compromise, we designed a shelf over the valance above the sink. The husband also wanted to go with dark cabinetry, but the wife wanted to go with something light.  Our designer worked with them to offer a cherry chestnut cabinetry with glazing that they both liked.  

 Another design element we came up with to save money was to create a backsplash with a combination of stock material, along with some special-order material, to get the desired look without being entirely custom and expensive.

 The Mrs.’s review of us says it all:  “We appreciate all of the time and effort you, Shawn and everyone at Cipriani put into our renovation. The results are just what we wanted!  By the way, I have had lots of friends over to check out your work, and everyone was impressed.  Thanks again.”

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