According to Pew Research, 64 million people in the U.S. live in multi-generational homes. Rising housing and healthcare costs have made these arrangements increasingly more common in recent years, and home remodeling companies are always developing innovations to make multi-generational homes more comfortable and safe for the whole family. 

Today, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions shares some design tips for a multi-generational home.

Open Layout

Ensuring access for all is one of the most important things to consider when designing multi-generational homes. Consider family members with mobility issues who may require more space to get through doors due to using a wheelchair or walker. Make at least one floor free from barriers for the safety of those with mobility issues. 

Master Bedrooms

Having an aging parent at home usually requires a second master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. It will give older parents easier access, more privacy and the opportunity to feel like they have their own space. When it comes to your bathroom remodel, you can count on Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. Our experienced designers will help you create a beautiful and safe space that meets your needs. 

More Privacy

Aside from adding additional private master suites, versatile living spaces with the right features can create harmony among generations. For example, you can allocate specific spaces for different generations in an open area. 

Bigger Doors and Hallways

Wider hallways will come in handy for wheelchair and walker users. Instead of walls, consider bigger doors when partitioning the house. For instance, pocket doors can be used for both dividing and adjoining rooms. 

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