The real expression is “Jack of all trades, master of none” but when it comes to remodeling, using a “general remodeler” may be a better solution than hiring a ‘specialist.’

Specialists in roofing, siding, flooring or bathtubs are definitely experienced in their particular trade. They know their products, know how they are expected to perform and how they will look when installed. Any time you focus on one thing, you can become the expert with more knowledge than anyone else about that one thing.

Houses are complicated. They are made up of millions of pieces and parts that together must be strong, safe, comfortable and efficient. And they are not built in a factory so they are imperfect.

The benefit in hiring a general remodeler when you just want new siding, for example, is that a general remodeler will understand all the components of your home and how they have to work together to achieve that strong, safe, comfortable and efficient structure. How the windows were installed will impact how you side around them because there is more than one way to do this. How the roof was installed will impact how you fasten gutters and soffits. How the kitchen cabinets were installed will impact the choice of the new flooring. For instance, if you select a thick tile and install it on a high wet bed, your cabinets will now seem too short in comparison. Everything is connected!

Anytime you hire a contractor, make sure you are hiring one that stays up to date on the latest products and installation techniques by regularly attending seminars and training employees. Make sure they are properly certified. And make sure they understand the impact of the project being proposed on all aspects of that complicated building that happens to be your home.