Over 3 million people now work from home at least one day a week. Whether you are telecommuter, self employed, or need an office to write correspondence and pay bills – a beautiful and organized home office can make your life easier.

Designing the perfect home office requires more than lovely furniture.  It takes an understanding of what you use your office for and how you organize your work day.  By building in spaces that house various papers and equipment your office can become a beautiful space within your home, rather than a room you hide from guests.

Here are our tips for designing the perfect home office:

  • Built in storage.  Rather than purchasing book shelves and file cabinets we can provide customized built-ins to house everything you need in its perfect space.
  • Printer cabinet.  We can design a cabinet to house your printer with an electrical outlet inside so you can avoid pesky chords.  Most printers are wifi enabled now so your laptop and desktop can reach the printer without being plugged into it.
  • Charging stations.  A cabinet, drawer or counter space can be designed to hold various electronics like iPhones, iPads, laptops, Bluetooth’s and any other electrical devices. By installing electrical outlets for all of your devices you can leave chargers plugged in and hook up your device as needed, no more fighting for charging space.
  • Music.  Entertainment systems are not just for the theater room.  Install speakers throughout your home office so that you can play soothing or upbeat music while you work.
  • Bar.  No home office is complete without a wet bar.  For people working from home it helps to have drinks and snacks at your fingertips without leaving the office for the kitchen.  Installing a wet bar in the office can provide you with refrigeration, a sink, and counter space for preparing lunch and other quick snacks.
  • Light.  Having proper lighting is essential for designing a productive work space.  Large windows and skylights let in natural lights while recessed lighting can provide a sense of calm when you need it.
  • Insulation.  It is important to have a quiet work space.  Hearing children playing or dinner being cooked can become a distraction for you and your clients.  Installing extra insulation can help create a sense of privacy in your home office space by reducing outside noise.
  • Separate entrance.  We can install an exterior entrance for your home office.  That way if clients or coworkers come to your home, the rest of your house can be kept as personal space.

Working from home provides a level of flexibility that going to the office every day cannot.  The challenge for many people is learning how to be as productive at home as they are in the office.  Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can help by designing and building the perfect home office space that includes everything you need and special features that make an office a positive and productive workspace.