3 Easy Steps

To Get Great Remodeling Ideas

We have a great way to discuss remodeling ideas with you without ever entering your home. 
Step 1 Download Canvas App

1 – Download The App

  • Download a free app for your iPhone 8 or newer.
  • Open the Canvas App and enter the following code: CIPRIANI.

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Step 2 - Scan Your Room

2 – Scan Your Room

  • Scan your room (with an iPad or iPhone 8 or newer).
  • Your room scan gets uploaded to us for review.

View sample room scans below:


Step 3 - Talk To A Designer

3 – Talk To A Designer

A member of our design team will contact you for a free 15-min  design consultation where you can get ideas and discuss your remodeling needs

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If you find our design ideas beneficial after you have spoken us, we would love to continue the process and be the team to design and build your new space. No pressure!

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