A red kitchen.  It was there when they bought the house, but Justin and Kelly wanted the location so they moved ahead.  Having previous experience renovating a home, the new homeowners knew they would be able to have the kitchen they wanted.  But they had even more ambitious plans that led them to hire a professional remodeler.  They also knew they needed to make the most of the budget they had.

The challenge in this project was combining the kitchen and the family room.  Cindy Cipriani, their Remodeling Consulting, suggested opening the wall between the two rooms and then designed around the soffit that needed to remain.  She carefully searched for the right products and materials to achieve the look they wanted.  Cipriani Remodeling Solutions was contracted to do the kitchen only, and Justin and Kelly took on the project of finishing the family room themselves.

The result is a beautifully modern look that blends with the existing style of the home.  And the project recently received a MAME award from the Builders League of South Jersey for the Best Remodeled Kitchen under $100,000.