Updating the flooring in your home is a quick way to transform you entire house from something that feels outdated to modern and sleek, warm and cozy, or visually intriguing. As a contractor we can install a variety of flooring options into your home. Gone are the days of make a choice between wood floors and carpeting. With so many products on the market your home can have a customized look with flooring that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and personal taste.

Here is some of our favorite flooring options:

  • Rustic Hardwood. Wide plank hard wood floors add natural character to any home while also adding a touch of history. If you live in a newer home but have an affinity for older things this is a fantastic solution for “aging” your home. If you are willing to pay more you can even find reclaimed flooring that has been used elsewhere.
  • Patterns. Whether tile flooring or painting on hardwood you can have a patterned floor that adds a level of intrigue to your home. This is best done in an area where you want to make a statement like the hallway, kitchen, or sun room. The fun thing about patterns is that you can do whatever you want and if using tile you can also select color patterns that match your personal style, while black and white is the most common.
  • Mosaic. Beautiful mosaic tiles can add glamour to any room. With a variety of gorgeous colors to pick from you can have a designer floor matching the color of your walls, furniture and accessories. This is also best done in a smaller space like the bathroom or a section of the entry way.
  • Tile. Using tile as a flooring option throughout your home is perfect for warm climates and in homes you want to keep cool. Tile is easy to clean, comes in a variety of neutral colors and sizes. Water doesn’t seep into the tile so it is ideal in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom while its durability works well for high traffic areas like the hallway. If you like tile but want warm feet consider installing in-floor heating.
  • Carpet. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from that carpeting can now be a way to express your personal style and taste. If you love the feel of soft carpet under foot don’t settle for boring beige. Instead look for patterns or textures that add interest to your floors.

When selecting new flooring for your home it is important to consider who lives there and how your home is used. For example if you are empty nesters it may be the perfect time to add mosaic tiles throughout the home for a touch of glamour. Families with young kids may want to add visual interest with more durable tile, patterns on wood floor, or patterned carpeting. Our clients are happy surprised at how easy it is to give their home a whole new look by simply replacing and updating their flooring choices. Call us today to see what Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can do for you.