Make Your Cambria® Dream Kitchen a Reality

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Cambria® quartz counter-top material is a true beauty and work of art. But don’t be fooled by its captivating beauty.  This material is tough enough to stand up to even the harshest of family or professional environments.
Cambria surfaces are 93% pure quartz, and granite surfaces typically contain only 40–60% quartz.  This makes the granite not as durable as the Cambria quartz material.  Cambria quartz is much less susceptible to damage than a traditional granite material.  It will be less likely to chip, crack or scratch, and Cambria’s durability also means you can be more creative with the edge profiles.  This allows for crafting edge shapes with wider overhangs to create a kitchen like no other.  They offer 19 different edge profiles to choose from.

Shirebrook_Waterstone Collection

Shirebrook Waterstone Collection

The quartz material is also a nonporous and nonabsorbent surface.  Granite is a porous and absorbent material.  Cambria quartz gives off zero emissions and no radon.  Cambria has also been tested for radon by Air Quality Sciences, Inc. .  All Cambria surfaces are certified by Greenguard®  (Visit their site to learn more about this certification.)  These certifications make this surface material a safe and reliable option, not just for homes but also for schools, professional settings and even medical facilities.

Another plus for this material is the ease of use and the simple cleaning process.  Simply use soap and warm water to maintain your Cambria quartz material.  Granite requires periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning to keep it clean and safe for use, another big plus for Cambria products.
For even more fun with Cambria quartz, you can download an app from the Itunes store.

Bellingham_Waterstone Collection

Bellingham Waterstone Collection Cambria Quartz

“Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Afford To Finance Today” is a new program being offered by Cambria.  It allows you to finance up to $55,000 for your entire remodeling project. Just choose from a vast selection of styles from the Cambria material* for your next remodel project.  You can choose from two easy options to pay with no prepayment penalties or closing costs**.  Make no payment for up to one full year (by choosing Cambria’s same-as-cash payment options to take advantage of no interest and no required monthly payments for up to a year) or take up to 10 years to pay (Finance by Cambria also offers long-term financing for up to 10 years at a competitive 6.99% fixed interest rate).  To see if you qualify, give us call to schedule your FREE consultation.  To learn more about Cambria Financing options, visit
Make your Cambria® dream kitchen a reality today with award winning remodeling designers and 3D diagraming.  Cipriani Remodeling Solutions offers a full selection of Cambria in our showroom located at 665 North Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096.  To schedule a FREE consultation on ways to incorporate Cambria into your new kitchen or bath remodel, call Cipriani Remodeling Solutions at 856-853-8398 or visit

* Financing available for residential property projects using Cambria® natural stone surfaces.
** Loans provided by EnerBank USA (1245 Brickyard Rd., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. (reduced interest loans) Repayment terms vary from 60 to 120 months. 6.99% fixed APR, effective as of December 2014.  Minimum loan amounts apply. The first monthly payment will be due 30 days after the loan closes. (same as cash loans).  Repayment terms vary from 18 to 132 months. 16.89% fixed APR, as of December 2014, is subject to change.  Interest waived if repaid within the promotional same as cash period.

Upcoming Design Clinic: Recipe for a Tasty Kitchen Design

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See what is cooking up in our showroom on Saturday April 12th.

Award-winning designer, Robert Kramer will be hosting a unique and interactive design clinic “Recipe for a Tasty Kitchen Design.”

Robert will focus on focal points of a kitchen design and give tips on how to infuse creativity into those forgotten nooks and crannies.

Reserve your seat for Saturday April 12th.  Call 856-853-8398 or e-mail us at  Clinic is from 9:30-11:00.





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The object of most home remodeling design is to get the most from the space you have. Unless we have the means to have custom cabinetry fabricated, we are left with basic sizes of cabinets and appliances which seldom add up to the exact dimensions you need. As a result, we can end up with filler pieces and wasted blind corner space that we wish could be useful. Those days are over. Today, there are accessories that render wasted space a relic of the past. We all know there never seems to be enough space for the stuff we accumulate.

Rev a Shelf, a company based in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, has tackled nearly every space-eating problem any kitchen ever had. From bind corner slide-outs to filler pull-outs, Rev a Shelf seems to have covered, not only how to make wasted space usable, but how to make access to the space you have functionally smoother and more organized. While their kitchen accessories are the answer to many storage issues, they offer similar products for bathrooms and closets as well.

Mixer 1        IB       cabinet org

Sink bases, because of the plumbing, in both kitchens and baths often become a repository for everything that we either have nowhere else to put, or we want to hide. Rev a Shelf makes use of that normally shelf-less space. A normal pantry or linen cabinet always seems to be much larger than the things we can store in them, and then, 80% of the stuff we stuff in them is not accessible unless we take the front half of the stuff out. …So 4 years later, when we can’t stand it anymore and decide to clean it out, we discover those petrified marshmallows, the pirate balloons from our 6-year-old’s second birthday, or that holiday serving dish we re-bought last year

Hamper                             BC   Pantry

From ironing boards that store in vanity drawers, to tall linen or pantry cabinet pull-outs that not only utilize every inch of space, but allow you to see and access everything, to blind corner storage that allows you to use space never before accessible, and a ton of like ideas that will make your home more comfortable and your space more usable. Rev a Shelf is available in many colors and finishes, and works with your existing cabinetry. Whether you are considering a home remodeling project, or want to retro-fit space saving accessories, think about these. Many cabinet manufacturers offer similar add-ons, but Rev-a-Shelf has it all.

 Mixer2                         pant rack

Look for yourself! Visit

Green Remodeling

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You can be deluged with “green” building and remodeling tips if you do even some rudimentary research.


Although there is some overlap, there are 3 primary categories of “green.” These are energy, recycling, and health. All three of these are areas can be addressed during a home remodeling project, and the greenness of your home can be enhanced as part of the overall remodeling design.


The first, of course, is energy conservation. This has to do with leaving the smallest possible “carbon footprint.” The considerations reach farther than the energy used in your home after the remodeling project is complete. It also considers what kind of energy it took to; a. procure the raw materials, b. transport and process the raw materials. c. manufacture the product, d. package the product, and e. transport the product to your site. If you really care about being green, then you have to include the global carbon cost in your overall green project calculus. Over and above the energy savings you are apt to experience in your home, the number of years these savings will take to offset the global costs to get it into your home must also be considered. Some manufacturers are finally catching up to consumers in sophistication regarding this.


The recycling and repurposing of material that will otherwise end up in an already overburdened waste stream is another critical aspect of reducing your carbon output. Producing waste is something for which we Americans have become very proficient. In fact, we’re number 1! Recycling, repurposing, and energy conservation can work hand-in-hand to reduce the amounts of energy and water it takes for us to live. Reusing “gray” water is becoming a popular mode of conservation. Collecting, storing and using rain water is also a cost effective and common-sense approach. There are many roof gardens in action today—especially in cities where open soil is scarce. These not only use rain water in a productive way, but also can be beautiful while providing insulation benefits as well. Simply collecting rain water for use in our own gardens and lawns is an easy and beneficial way to be green.


While our planet and its sun provide us with much energy in nearly unlimited quantities, the solar, wind, nuclear, and geothermal options have their trade-offs. This trade-offs manifest themselves in prohibitive costs and perceived danger. Until the technology becomes economically attainable for the masses and can be proven to be safe, the best we can do as people, businesses, and communities, is the best we can do. The U.S. Federal Government has enacted several incentives for families to get greener. Some State Governments do still more. However, these incentives are erratic and dependent on the solvency of the respective institutions. Keep an eye on the available incentives if you are leaning this way.


The third class of “green” is concerned with how healthy the materials are that we are putting in our home. Again, this is not just about us, but also the human manufacturing cost. Many commonly used material in construction off-gas unhealthy toxins to which many of us unknowingly expose our families daily. Adhesives, binders, dyes, and coatings are all around us. Many of these can be harmful to people and animals. Beyond that, there are many materials whose hazards are most suffered by the people working in the manufacturing end.


Many are under the mistaken impression that you have to be building a home from the ground up in order to go green. There are many, many ways to lessen your carbon footprint in an existing home. From the materials being used to the methods in which they are employed have everything to do with reducing your carbon footprint. While you may not be addressing the whole of your home, the areas you are addressing can most certainly enhance your greenness.


A kitchen remodel, for example, usually entails the demolition of the existing kitchen. As the wallboard on the exterior walls is removed, the insulation material and method you choose to replace the existing can be your start to a greener life. If not otherwise specified, the common faced, batt insulation used by most contractors, while an effective insulator, contains formaldehyde. You can choose formaldehyde-free insulation, insulation made from recycled materials, or you can super-insulate with closed cell, spray foam. Care taken to seal off gaps in the exterior wall substructure can help a great deal with heat loss. If you are replacing or installing new windows and doors as part of your kitchen remodel, the careful selection of those units will also help with heat loss. From there, paperless drywall, zero VOC drywall and subfloor adhesives, cabinetry made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or cork, counter tops made from recycled glass, sustainable flooring, energy star appliances, water conserving fixtures, LED lighting, and zero VOC paint will considerably green up your act.


“Greenwashing” is the term used for a material that may have one “green” advantage, but then other elements that are not so green. For example: the aforementioned recycled glass countertops. While recycling glass is very green, the binders and adhesives used to produce the top can be extremely unhealthy. Do your homework. It can be difficult as so much marketing is at odds with the facts. One great website to begin sorting through the mire of factoids and truth is  . There is a wealth of information there to help navigate the “green” forest.

2013 Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Life Easier

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Life is busy.  With work, school, sports, family, friends and events there is always somewhere to go and something to do.  With tight schedules, don’t waste time working with old appliances.  Technology has grown leaps and bounds since Mom bought her first washing machine. You can replace your kitchen appliances and increase the time you have to do the things you love.


Here are some new kitchen appliances that will make your life easier:  Appliances


  • Full-Surface Induction Cooktop.  The chef in your family will love cooking on this surface.  It is ideal for people that cook more complicated dishes or have a large family.  There is no wasted space, and you are able to place more pans on the surface.  It also looks really cool with its sleek, modern surface.
  • Smart Fridge.  Technology has evolved so quickly that you can now have a refrigerator keep track of what groceries you need.  One manufacturer is even using LG technology to have your fridge recommend recipes based on the contents of your fridge and families age, weight, and health goals.
  • LG Oven with Smart ThinQ.  This new technology allows you to monitor your range remotely and has robust self cleaning features that make cleaning a breeze.
  • Discovery Wall Oven by Dacor.  This oven is perfect for busy families.  It uses Android technology and has a built in tablet that syncs to an app.  You can select your favorite recipes, tell it the weight of your dish, and the oven will make sure the temperature is perfect for cooking it.  For example if you are cooking the Thanksgiving turkey you simply tell the oven the weight of the bird and it will tell you how long it needs to cook, sending you a text message when it is done.  No more guess work!  It even turns the heat to warm if you don’t take it out in time.


You can turn your kitchen into a chef’s dream.  Even the most novice of cooks can benefit from using modern technology in the kitchen.  Your meals will be easier to make.  You will also spend less time in the kitchen when incorporating new appliances into your home remodel.  Call us at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions to learn how we can give you the kitchen of your dreams.

The Best Kitchen Ideas Ever

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Best Kitchen






















Have you ever noticed how much time you spend in the kitchen?  Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a serious commitment.  The larger your family is – the more time you will spend in this area of the house.  After you’re done cooking there is clean up and the cycle continues.  Many people will spend over two hours in the kitchen every day!  On top of that kitchens are often a gathering place, homework spot, and conversational hub.  With so much activity being centered around your home kitchen, we have gathered our favorite ideas for making your kitchen more functional and comfortable.


Here are the best kitchen ideas ever:


  • Countertops.  Have countertops installed that allow you to prep food on top of them.  Consider installing a butcher blog or stainless steel so that you can avoid pulling out the cutting board.  This one extra step takes time, so go around it.
  • Pull out cabinets.  It can be hard to find things that are buried inside of your cabinets.  When making a new dinner dish that creates more time for you to hunt for spices or the right utensil.  Solve this problem with pull out cabinets that make it easy to see everything.
  • Island with two levels.  We can create a custom island for your family that is full of storage solutions, a prep sink, and two levels.  By creating a second, higher, level than the cooking area you can have a built in space for guests.  This lets kids do homework next to you without it getting wet from dishes or stained from dinner prep.  We can even install outlets so you can charge phones, laptops, and iPads.
  • Cathedral ceilings. Many people think cathedral ceilings are only for the formal living room or great room.  Having high ceilings in your kitchen is a fantastic way to open up the space, let light in, and creates an open airy feel.  If your home is small, and the lot won’t allow for expansion, opening the ceiling can create a sense of space without actually increasing it.
  • Commercial hood.  There are so many sleek designs available now for modern looking hoods.  By installing a commercial grade hood you can keep the house smelling fresh, rather than smelling like dinner.  This is important for kitchens that open onto a great room.
  • Glass cabinets.  By replacing wood front cabinets with glass you can always see what dishes are where.  This is great for families that want kids to help out.  Instead of hunting for the plates, they can be easily found.
  • Trash and recycling chutes.  We can install hidden garbage chutes that make throwing out the trash easier than ever.
  • Appliances.  Buy new appliances!  They make your life easier by cooking food faster and more evenly.  We can recommend a variety of appliances for how your family lives.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we have been renovating kitchens for over 35 years.  We can turn your kitchen into a dream space that is highly functional for your family.


Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Kitchen


Tricks for improving your KitchenThe kitchen is the heart of a home.  For many families life is centered around the kitchen with parents cooking, friends snacking, kids doing homework and people grabbing drinks or quick bites to eat.  Hours are spent in the busy room on a daily basis.  Even if it only takes one hour to cook and clean after each meal that is three hours every day!  With so much use the kitchen should be both practical and beautiful.


Here are our tips and tricks for improving your kitchen:


  • Hidden Outlets.  Multiple electrical outlets are a necessity for any kitchen.  Unfortunately they are not very attractive to look at.  Creative use of molding can hid outlets when they are not in use.  This can apply to any area of your home and is a good solution for families with young children.
  • Island Seating.  Have a custom island installed that provides you with counter space, storage, and seating for family and guests.  Now when people want to spend time with the cook they can do so comfortably.
  • Built in Desk.  Instead of spreading homework and bills across the kitchen have a custom desk installed.  You can help with math problems, while stirring the pasta, without worrying about spills and stains.
  • Hidden Broom Closet.  Install a shallow custom closet on the side of your cabinetry.  You can keep brooms and other items for cleaning up quick messes.
  • Built in Knife Cabinet.  Families with young children need to worry about access to knives and other sharp objects.  You can have a built in knife cabinet installed that slides into your cabinetry for safety.  As an added benefit you will also have more counter space.
  • Space for the iPad.  Many cooks are using their iPad for recipes, listening to music, and staying connected while working in the kitchen.  You can have an iPad station installed into your kitchen that connects to speakers for optimal sound quality.
  • Recycling and Garbage Center.  Instead of having the garbage can out for all to see, have a custom cabinet created to hold your recycling and garbage cans.  It can have a slide out feature to ensure that the garbage is thrown away without making a mess under the sink.
  • Warming Oven.  Busy families can save time by cooking in advance.  You can cook dinner before the picking the kids up from school and keep it in the warmer to be ready after soccer practice.


Your kitchen can become more functional and make your life easier.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions,  we can meet with you, discuss your family’s needs and suggest ways to improve your kitchen.  By creating a customized plan you can have the kitchen of your dreams in no time.


Flooring Ideas to Add Character to Your Home

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Updating the flooring in your home is a quick way to transform you entire house from something that feels outdated to modern and sleek, warm and cozy, or visually intriguing. As a contractor we can install a variety of flooring options into your home. Gone are the days of make a choice between wood floors and carpeting. With so many products on the market your home can have a customized look with flooring that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and personal taste.

Here is some of our favorite flooring options:

  • Rustic Hardwood. Wide plank hard wood floors add natural character to any home while also adding a touch of history. If you live in a newer home but have an affinity for older things this is a fantastic solution for “aging” your home. If you are willing to pay more you can even find reclaimed flooring that has been used elsewhere.
  • Patterns. Whether tile flooring or painting on hardwood you can have a patterned floor that adds a level of intrigue to your home. This is best done in an area where you want to make a statement like the hallway, kitchen, or sun room. The fun thing about patterns is that you can do whatever you want and if using tile you can also select color patterns that match your personal style, while black and white is the most common.
  • Mosaic. Beautiful mosaic tiles can add glamour to any room. With a variety of gorgeous colors to pick from you can have a designer floor matching the color of your walls, furniture and accessories. This is also best done in a smaller space like the bathroom or a section of the entry way.
  • Tile. Using tile as a flooring option throughout your home is perfect for warm climates and in homes you want to keep cool. Tile is easy to clean, comes in a variety of neutral colors and sizes. Water doesn’t seep into the tile so it is ideal in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom while its durability works well for high traffic areas like the hallway. If you like tile but want warm feet consider installing in-floor heating.
  • Carpet. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from that carpeting can now be a way to express your personal style and taste. If you love the feel of soft carpet under foot don’t settle for boring beige. Instead look for patterns or textures that add interest to your floors.

When selecting new flooring for your home it is important to consider who lives there and how your home is used. For example if you are empty nesters it may be the perfect time to add mosaic tiles throughout the home for a touch of glamour. Families with young kids may want to add visual interest with more durable tile, patterns on wood floor, or patterned carpeting. Our clients are happy surprised at how easy it is to give their home a whole new look by simply replacing and updating their flooring choices. Call us today to see what Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can do for you.

New Kitchen Appliances for Your Home


Technology has advanced leaps and bounds from when your Grandma bought the green Kenmore stove top and refrigerator.  If you haven’t updated your kitchen appliances in the last few years – now is the time.  New technology can make cooking dinner easier while also helping your food to taste better.


Here are our favorite new appliances:

  • GE Café 30” Gas Range.  This range provides an excellent, even temperature.  It comes with three different burners and a grill for morning pancakes, bacon and quick sandwiches. The oven capacity has double what many similar models come with.  This means you can cook more, faster.  The gas convection heat cooks evenly and with the double oven you can have desert and dinner cooking at the same time.
  • Dishwasher Drawer.  Instead of a standard dishwasher try a dishwasher drawer.  It is easy to load and unload and you don’t have to worry about the front seal leaking, as often happens with standard dishwashers.  KitchenAid has one with two drawers so that you can run them separately or at the same time.
  • American Standard 3 Bowl Kitchen Sink.  You don’t have to juggle dirty dishes, soaking pans, and rinsing vegetables in the same sink any longer.  This three bowl sink from American Standard has a large, medium, and small bowl so you can do a variety of tasks all at once.  It is stainless steel for a beautiful finish so it is just as lovely as practical.
  • LG Internet Refrigerator.  This refrigerator by LG is more than for storing food at perfect temperatures, which it also does.  It has a food management system to make it easier for you to know what to buy and when.  That isn’t even the coolest part.  You can use the touch screen display to listen to music, watch TV, take and store pictures, make a video phone call, surf the internet, and use it as a message board.  This is an amazing combination of computerized technology and a standard household appliance. Talk about connected.
  • Range Hood.  Cooking dinner can create smells that overwhelm your home.  A hood can help by circulating the air.  The challenge is that they can be bulky, load, and unattractive.  Sorpresa makes a line of hoods that look more like a piece of art than a functioning part of your kitchen.  We can install one into your home for the “wow” factor.

Kitchen appliances have come a long way and there is no need to settle for what you currently have.  Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or simply looking to update your appliances we can help.  Many home owners will avoid updating appliances due to the need for adjusting existing cabinets and counters.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can install your new appliances and make sure they fit within your current space.  If they don’t we can make minor adjustments to ensure that you can benefit from improved technology without doing a complete kitchen re-design.

Kitchen Appliances for Your Home Remodel

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When remodeling a home, kitchen appliances can be the last thing that comes to mind. Working appliances may be “just good enough” until you realize the wide range of time and energy saving appliances that are available today. You can improve your home by scrapping archaic appliances for a new and improved version. This way you increase the value of your property and lower your operating cost.

Here are some ideas for appliance upgrades that can make spending time in the kitchen a little easier:

  • Electric Range.  They are easier to clean and more fuel efficient than their gas counterparts.  Electric ranges are capable of maintaining a level surface, heating up incredibly quickly and many home owners prefer them to gas.  Smooth top glass top surfaces with hidden heating elements require little effort in the way of cleaning, giving your more time to enjoy dinner with the family.
  • Microwave.  With modern technology, a microwave can evenly cook food, and can be built directly into your cabinetry to allow for more counter space.  There are plenty of styles to choose from that will match your other new appliances.
  • Dishwasher.  Old dishwasher appliances are loud, obnoxious and use excessive amounts of water. Some antiquated dishwashers don’t even leave the dishes sparkling as a little elbow grease and some Dial soap might do. Modern dish washing units are both significantly more water efficient and energy efficient, leaving your dishes both cleaner and drier with more internal rack room and much less exterior noise. Never watch TV with dishwasher background noise again!
  • Refrigerator.  A new refrigerator unit can lower your monthly electric bill. The fridge runs on its own all day long.  An energy efficient version can be good for your leftovers and the environment. Many new versions come with a slide-out bottom drawer to store the meats, breads and dinners you need to freeze. Digital temperature read-outs and ice dispensers make life much more convenient and offer greater user control. Door mounted ice dispensers serve ice exactly how and when you want it.

You can conserve energy, make your life easier, and increase your home’s value by upgrading your appliances today. To save money you can purchase in sets and keep your kitchen looking fresh with matching upgrades.  Work with a contractor when installing new appliances to make sure it is done correctly.  Plumbing and electric work are required and something as simple as over tightening a bolt can cause a water leak.  To make sure that your new appliances operate efficiently let a professional handle the installation.  New appliances are also different sizes and shapes than their predecessors, requiring adjustments to cabinetry.  A professional carpenter can make minor changes to accommodate new appliances, rather than requiring a complete cabinet overhaul. Whether completing a full kitchen remodel or simply replacing your appliances we can help.