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Best Remodeling Products Recommendations – StreamLabs

Smart Home Water Monitor & Leak Detector

Water damage – forty percent of homeowners experience it and, second only to natural disasters, it’s practically unavoidable. Toilets tend to run. Drips find new ways to drop. Parts eventually age out, and homeowners get stuck in the aftermath.

But, with StreamLabs control and it’s patented ultrasonic technology, homeowners can stay in the know 24×7. So when a toilet starts running at your vacation home, you won’t be caught clueless wasting gallons of water before it’s noticed.

Because the StreamLabs control alerts you instantly when slow or major leaks begin. Keeping your hard-earned cash from going down the tubes. And, if you happen to find yourself in a position where your home has an issue while you’re temporarily away, the remote shutoff feature gives you the convenience of quickly containing things without missing a beat.

The StreamLabs control even gives you access to live flow data, letting you hone in on your household water usage in real-time, keeping your monthly water bill free of excessive charges or surprises.

Every home has its own story, StreamLabs controls ensures yours is a positive one. With features like automatic monthly valve checks and so much more. It’s time to control your home’s story and avoid water damage claims averaging $9,000.

Enjoy homeownership the way you’ve always imagined with StreamLabs leak protection at your fingertips.


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