We spend so much time in the bedroom besides the time we are actually sleeping. Whether you enjoy watching your morning news in bed when you wake up, eating weekend breakfasts with your loved one, or catching up on a great book under the covers, your bedroom is your own personal sanctuary.

So when it comes to choosing the right paint color for your favorite room of the house, here are some different color categories to consider.

Subdued neutrals

These are typically the safest choices when it comes to choosing a color scheme. Warm neutrals like brown, black, ivory, grey and white are perfect compliments to other bright colors in the bedroom like your bedding, rugs or curtains. They work as wonderful backdrops to the other areas of the room where you can really get creative.

Relaxing pastels

These are the color schemes that will make you rest your head back on your pillow and say “ahhh.” Pastels are wonderful options because they create a relaxing environment that can help with putting a homeowner at ease. These colors include soft blues, lavenders and greens. Imagine a room with a sky-blue theme and darker furniture – this results in a tranquil environment for the homeowner.

Bold and bright

For some homeowners, they like to express their personality and creativity with bright colors. That can often happen in the living room or kitchen, but why does it have to stop there? Embrace this color palette and go with a color that suits you best, like honey yellow or a beachy teal. These colors particularly work if you’d like a design for your bedroom walls.

In conclusion

Whether your color scheme leans towards a modest grey or a spring green, the goal is to find a palette that matches your personality and one where you will be comfortable for years to come.

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