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Remodeling Reimagined Podcast

The Remodeling Reimagined Podcast

Get answers to the most popular home improvement questions and more from our Remodeling Reimagined Podcast with hosts Jay and Cindy Cipriani. We offer home improvement and decor ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration from our award-winning designers and other guests. We’ve seen just about everything in our 40+ years of remodeling and we love to share that experience with homeowners to help them with their remodeling projects. 

Home Remodeling Podcast

The Home Remodeling Podcast

Alan J. Heavens is a Haddonfield, N.J.- based, nationally syndicated, home-improvement writer and author whose newspaper columns, magazine articles and books have been the first word on remodeling for 50 million readers for more than three decades. He is the author of What No One Ever Tells You About Renovating Your Home and Remodeling On The Money: Fifteen Innovative Projects Designed to Add Value to Your Home, and was “The Gadgeteer” on Discovery Channel’s Home Matters program.

Think you can do a remodeling project yourself? Think again.

by Al Heavens | Episode 1

How to hire the right contractor

by Al Heavens | Episode 2

Which renovations bring the best long-term benefits?

by Al Heavens | Episode 3