Summer Home Remodeling Ideas


summer home remodeling1Summer is here.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and you finally have time to kick your feet up.  Without worrying about rushing the kids off to school, last minute science fair projects, or sports playoffs – summer is a great time to start a home remodeling project.  Since it is warm outside you and your family can spend time in the backyard playing while the contractor is inside working on the house.  Having the flexibility to eat dinner when you want, and put the kids to bed a little later, makes a summer remodel easier on the family.  Depending on the project you may even get your remodel completed before it’s time to buy new backpacks.


Here are some fun summer remodeling projects to turn your home into a vacation getaway:


  • Patio Bar.  A contractor can install a kitchen window that opens up onto a patio bar.  This is fantastic for people that have a large deck, sunroom, or standard patio.  By creating a patio bar you open up the interior living space and have the effects of an outdoor kitchen without installing new plumbing.  The cook can enjoy summer breezes and feel connected with the rest of the family while enjoying the convenience of cooking in the main kitchen.
  • Loft Bed.  If you plan on having guest visit for the holidays, and need additional sleeping space, now is a great time to have a loft bed installed.  You can easily place one above the door in the office to create a private, sleeping space for guests that doesn’t require you giving up one of your rooms. summer home remodeling2
  • Outdoor Shower.  Install an outdoor shower and put up walls for privacy.  This is perfect for people that have a pool, live near the beach, or have rowdy kids.  Rather than letting dirty feet traipse through the living room have everyone shower off and put on a robe before coming indoors.
  • Indoor Playground.  The sun is shining now but come winter the kids will need a place to play.  Creating an indoor or covered play area is a perfect way to keep the little ones entertained when the rain and cold set in.  Make sure to work with an experience contractor that can keep the swings and slides secure, rather than trying to mount them to interior walls yourself.


Take advantage of the warm weather, and your family’s ability to play outdoors, to start your summer remodeling project.  Small improvements can make a big difference and help you to enjoy your home for years to come.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we can meet with you and create custom solutions to all of your family’s needs.






A Garage Is For More Than Cars


Garage.2.Who says the house has to have all of the fun?  A garage is for more than storing cars and last year’s Christmas decorations.  Your garage can be practical, functional, a man cave, mother in law suite, studio and more.  With creativity, and the right contractor, your garage can become an extension of your home.  You can easily have more living space by remodeling this previously underutilized structure.


Before you remodel your garage think about who is going to use it the most.  The garage should be a space that incorporates whimsy.  It’s location away from the main house makes it the right spot to use fun colors, new flooring ideas, and go a little crazy.  No matter who uses the garage there are certain things you should do first:


  • Insulation.  Make sure that your garage is warm in the winter and cool in the summer by insulating it.
  • Heating. A garage needs to be properly heated in order to be used during the cooler months.
  • Walls.  Finish the garage with walls and paint.  Exposed beams make a place feel less cozy and people are unlikely to want to hang out there.
  • Windows.  Every garage needs to have windows for natural light, and air, to come in without having to open the garage doors.
  • Bathroom.  A garage bathroom is convenient for the person working out there and for people that are playing in the backyard.



Here are our ideas based on who the new garage spot is for:




The garage is typically “Dad’s place”.  With tools on the wall it at times is the only real space Dad has.  With this in mind a garage remodel should make it a place where he can drink a beer with a friend while working on his latest project, without feeling like he is in a cold, dark garage.


  • Flooring.  Consider a high sheen cement flooring or a custom laminate tile floor to make his classic car collection stand out.
  • Kitchenette.  Have a kitchenette installed with a fridge, counter space, sink, and cupboards.  That way he can store cold drinks and snacks without coming back inside.
  • Television.  The big screen doesn’t have to be for inside only.  Have a television wall mounted in the garage so that he can catch the game while tinkering.




  • Storage.  Whether mom is using space in the garage for gardening or crafting, built in storage is essential.  The space will still be shared with cars and household tools so built in storage with an attached, and pretty, table will make it feel less like a traditional garage and more like a multipurpose space.
  • Flooring.  If you have a large garage, and are converting the back section, consider installing wood or tile flooring in that area for a more finished feel.
  • Barn Door.  You can create separation between the spaces with a barn door installed on a track system.  Since the doors are so wide you can easily get things in and out, while being able to close them for privacy.




  • Garage Apartment.  A contractor can build a garage apartment that the grandparents, grown up children, or guests can enjoy.  By building an apartment on top of the existing garage the project can go faster than building one from scratch and won’t take up any additional lawn space.  A separate entrance is preferred for privacy and to complete the finished look.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can turn your garage into a fun place to work and hang out.  Simple remodeling solutions can make this a comfortable place that everyone can enjoy.  Contact us today to learn how we can turn your ideas into a reality.

How To Turn Your Attic Into Living Space



If you and your family are bursting at the seams it may be time to either buy a new home or remodel your existing one.  The challenge for many home owners is expanding the existing footprint of the house.  Small lots, building codes, and budgetary constraints may make enlarging your home simply not an option.  If that is the case look up to the attic for ways to create the additional space your family needs.


There are several creative ways to use your attic.  Here are our favorites:


  • Built in Sleeping Space.  You can turn your attic into a large space for kids, or guests, to sleep.  Whether you are expecting, starting a blended family, or grandparents wanting a place for guests to stay – the attic can be the solution you have been looking for.  In the photo above beds were installed up against the wall and under the eaves.  The slant of the ceiling is idea for sleeping and the built in walls provide additional privacy.  By placing storage under the beds each guest has their own private space in a much larger room.
  • Windows.  Make sure your attic is full of light.  You can have a skylight installed, round windows for charm, or turn the entire front or back wall into one giant window.  Take advantage of natural light to make the space feel airy and bright.
  • Kids Camp.  Your attic can become the best indoor campground ever.  Throw up some tents, install a swing, and let your kids run free on a rainy day.
  • Movie Theater.  If you want a movie theater experience at home it is important to find a room where you can control the lighting.  If you are finishing an attic with a movie theater in mind, skip the windows.  The dark space will be perfect for screenings. Have cables ran for surround sound for a movie theater effect.
  • Master Suite.  Your attic can be a hidden, romantic hideaway.  Have a master bedroom and bathroom installed in your attic to create a space that is beautiful and private.
  • Office.  An attic can make for a perfect office space.  Finish it off by having a bathroom installed so you can stay upstairs working, without visiting the family in between conference calls.
  • Library.  You can have built in shelves installed under the eaves to take advantage of the floor space.  Have windows and lighting installed to provide an ideal setting for storing and reading your favorite books.


Your attic can become a cozy retreat for the family.  Finishing your attic is cheaper than expanding the footprint of your home by completing a remodeling addition.  It will save you money while addressing your family’s needs.  As an experienced local contractor, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions would be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can help to make your dreams come true.


High Tech Bathrooms


High Tech BathroomTechnology has changed the way we do almost everything.  From how we communicate, work, cook, and drive, technology continues to revolutionize our lives.  The bathroom is the new frontier and with high tech design solutions you can take your bathroom into the modern world.  These high tech features make your space more functional, easier to use and clean.  If you are considering remodeling your bathroom include new features you can enjoy for years to come.


Here are the best high tech bathroom ideas for your home:


  • Digital Showers.  A digital shower can be customized for you, and your partners, bathing preferences.  You can select the standard water temperature, how the water is delivered, and the angle.  It has a wall pad and a remote control for programming.  You never have to fight about the shower settings again.
  • Chromotherapy Bathtub.  For a spa like experience have a chromotherapy bathtub installed.  You can bathe in a variety of lights to help you relax.
  • Medicine Cabinet with a TV.  You can watch television while applying your makeup, shaving, and brushing your teeth.  Never miss the morning news again and if the traffic report is bad – you can brush faster.
  • Futuristic Toilet.  Even the toilet has gotten an upgrade Kohler’s Numi toilet.  It automatically opens and closes, deodorizes, has a heated seat for your tush, and a bidet with a temperature setting.
  • Touchless Faucet.  While typically used in commercial settings, a touchless faucet prevents your family from wasting water while providing a more sanitary method of washing hands.
  • Illuminated Shower.  Your shower can double as a light show with Novellini’s Sparkle shower screen.
  • Shower Speakers.  You can listen to tunes that play directly from your shower head.  There is no need for a separate counter radio with a built in system that ads a beat to your morning routine.
  • Television Mirrors.  The mirror above your vanity can have a television inside of it.  This is elegant and seamless with a futuristic feel.
  • House Automation System. You can have a smart house with automatic lights, climate control and more – all from your iPad.

Take your bathroom into the future with these high tech solutions.  They will make your morning routine more enjoyable and are a fun way to upgrade your home.  Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can design customized solutions for your bathroom that incorporate technology and beauty for a finished product you will love.

Our Coolest Storage Ideas Ever!


Storage ClosetFighting clutter is something that most people are familiar with.  Whether it is the backpacks after school, your fifty Jimmy Choos, a garage full of tools, kitchen utensils, or a DVD collection, clutter can make a lovely home look messy.  You can go out and purchase chests, bins, and baskets, or you can look for interesting and fun built in solutions to your storage problems.  We have gathered our most fun and creative ideas for your home to be clutter free and beautiful.


Here are our top picks:


  • Closet Door Bookshelf.  This repurposed door can serve as a bookshelf to create better organization for the avid readers in your family.  I can be done in a bedroom, family room, or wherever else they gather to read.  It does not take any additional room so you can be organized without sacrificing floor space.
  • Repurposed Hall Closet.  If you have a large hall closet you can take the doors off and repurpose it into a new space.  This can become a nook where you have a small office.  By tucking away your desk, printer, computer, and paperwork, your home can be instantly more organized.  Since it is in a closet you can easily install a curtain rod and close the entire office away at a moment’s notice.  This is a great solution for privacy and organization.
  • Lego Shelf.  If your kids love to build you can make fantastic places for them to display their latest creations.  Take a shelf and hot glue the green Lego base to the top of it. Kids can mount their Legos and you have additional storage for hanging sweaters and bags.
  • Sunken Island Bins.  You can create hidden, sunken, storage in your kitchen island.  This can house common things you eat like bread and vegetables.  Rather than having a bread basket taking space on the counter, have your bread built right in.
  • Built in Laundry Board.  Why are laundry boards always downstairs when you get dressed in an upstairs master closet?  We can install a laundry board in your master closet that hides into your clothing storage when not in use.
  • Stair Storage.  We can build in storage along your stair case.  This can be used to hang a sweater, display family photos, put shoes away and more.  By using your stairs for more than walking you are maximizing this traditionally wasted space.


We can design a custom storage solution for your needs.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions,  we think outside of the box to provide you with customized solutions to make your home beautiful.



Ways to Make Your Rooms Feel Larger Without Expanding the Footprint

Larger RoomsRemodeling your home to add square footage is the most effective way to increase the space in your home.  By hiring a professional contractor to create an addition, build a room over the garage, or a complete home renovation can lead to dramatic results.  The challenge is cost.  Not every home owner can afford to take on a remodel of that scale.  With that in mind there are several, easy solutions to making your home feel larger.


Here are some Cipriani solutions for making your rooms appear larger:


Storage.  Cluttered rooms immediately feel small, cramped and cluttered. By having built in storage installed you can hide away all the extras, store more, and open up the floor space.  Built in storage will look better and by going all the way up to the ceiling you are maximizing the floor space the storage uses.


Color.  Bright colors make a room feel larger.  If your walls are painted in dark blue or brown, consider lightening up the shade into a pale blue or tan to make the room feel larger.  For a small cost and a Saturday afternoon, you can transform the look of your room.


Window Treatments.  Hang your curtains higher up on the wall.  Instead of installing a curtain rod directly over your windows, install it higher up toward the ceiling.  This will create an optical illusion of taller walls.


Light.  Dark rooms feel small and cramped.  Have larger windows installed.  A simple French door leading to a patio can look beautiful, let more light in, and the outdoor space can become an extension of your room.


Furniture.  Make sure to use furniture that fits your space.  Small rooms should not be full of overpowering, large furniture.  Each piece should be smaller and perform more than one function.  For example a storage chest that doubles as a coffee table.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we can help you to install storage solutions, new windows, and paint the inside of your home – all things that will help make your home feel larger until you are ready for a full remodel.



Open Air Spaces Expand Your Footprint For Less Money

open spacesThere has been a movement in green building to incorporate more indoor/outdoor spaces.  By blending the two people have exposure to fresh air and the outdoors without requiring a large lawn.  This is an ideal solution for homes on small lots or in more urban areas.  Existing homes can join the revolution through simple remodeling techniques that leave the majority of your existing home undisturbed.  You can continue to run your life like normal while we create a blended space for your entire family to enjoy.


Here are ways to have exceptional indoor/outdoor spaces in your home:


  • Retractable Glass Walls.  Instantly open your family room to the outdoors by having retractable glass walls installed.  These walls can run the entire length of your home.  They provide an abundance of natural light, and when opened, merge your indoor and outdoor space.  This instantly makes your home feel larger.
  • Decks.  Traditionally decks, or porches, were only on the lower level with limited access. You can expand the space in your home by installing decks off of the upstairs rooms in your home.  By covering them the space can be used year round.  Many modern homes are designating specific decks for certain purposes.  For example a yoga deck with flooring materials designed for comfortable exercise.  A deck with artificial grass becomes an outdoor play space for the children.  They can be customized for your every need.
  • Bathrooms.  You can expand your downstairs bathroom to have an outdoor shower attached.  If your bathroom is not on an exterior wall we can install one.  This provides easy clean up after going to the beach, swimming in the pool, or running around outside.  By designing an outdoor bathroom that leads into the inside space you can get completely cleaned up without dirtying the house.
  • Fireplace.  A built in fireplace that can be used from the family room and the outdoor deck is fabulous to look at and highly functional.  It blends the two spaces in a way that can be customized for your design taste.
  • Reflection Pool.  Look at the landscape of your home and place a reflection pool outside one of your retractable glass walls.  Separate the space with a cement or stone patio.  This elegant touch will add glamour and relaxation to your home.
  • Barn Doors.  If you prefer more of a country feel have barn doors installed instead of the glass wall.  You can open up the space, creating the same indoor/outdoor room experience, while maintaining a more traditional feel in your home.


Open your home up to the outdoors and let light in.  Through simple changes to your current home, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can create beautiful indoor/outdoor spaces that are sure to impress your friends and create a space your family can enjoy for years.


Green Flooring Ideas


green flooringFor those wanting to make their home Green or environmentally friendly there are easy flooring solutions you can implement today.  If you are considering replacing your carpet, remodeling, or even purchasing an area rug you can make minor switches that make a big impact.


Here are ways to make your flooring go Green:


  • Sisal Rugs.  Sisal is an agave plant that yields stiff fiber that can be made into robe, twine, or in this case –rugs.  It grows throughout the world in places like Florida and Kenya.  It is easy to grow making sisal fibers sustainable.  Rugs made of sisal have a natural, rustic beauty and can be a great addition to any home.
  • Reclaimed Hardwood.  You can purchase hardwood flooring that was previously in a business or home.  By refinishing the hardwood we can place a completely recycled product into your home.  It ads character and can give newer homes a more lived in look.
  • Terrazo.  This flooring is glamorous and modern while being 100% recycled.  It is made out of recycled tile, glass, and toilets.  Looking at the flooring you would never realized it came from the combination of so many parts.  As in our picture, it can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom – you name it.
  • Cork.  There is no shortage of cork.  This plentiful, natural product is used to create a variety of flooring styles with natural, wood like tones.  You can use cork throughout your home as a substitute for new wood flooring.
  • Carpet Tiles.  Recycled carpet tiles look fresh and are easy to install.  They come in square blocks so you can create an interesting color pattern and install them in a day.
  • Saltillo Tile.  They are commonly found in Mexico and are produced of clay.  They are beautiful with a Spanish flair.  This is not something you should install yourself.  They can be difficult to work with so use a professional.
  • Bamboo.  This gorgeous hardwood substitution is less expensive and it grows quickly, making it the most sustainable type of hardwood.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we are the experts in flooring options for your home.  We can discuss your remodeling goals, design preferences, and recommend sustainable flooring options that are perfect for your home.  You can Go Green and have a home that is beautiful, functional, and affordable to live in.


Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Kitchen


Tricks for improving your KitchenThe kitchen is the heart of a home.  For many families life is centered around the kitchen with parents cooking, friends snacking, kids doing homework and people grabbing drinks or quick bites to eat.  Hours are spent in the busy room on a daily basis.  Even if it only takes one hour to cook and clean after each meal that is three hours every day!  With so much use the kitchen should be both practical and beautiful.


Here are our tips and tricks for improving your kitchen:


  • Hidden Outlets.  Multiple electrical outlets are a necessity for any kitchen.  Unfortunately they are not very attractive to look at.  Creative use of molding can hid outlets when they are not in use.  This can apply to any area of your home and is a good solution for families with young children.
  • Island Seating.  Have a custom island installed that provides you with counter space, storage, and seating for family and guests.  Now when people want to spend time with the cook they can do so comfortably.
  • Built in Desk.  Instead of spreading homework and bills across the kitchen have a custom desk installed.  You can help with math problems, while stirring the pasta, without worrying about spills and stains.
  • Hidden Broom Closet.  Install a shallow custom closet on the side of your cabinetry.  You can keep brooms and other items for cleaning up quick messes.
  • Built in Knife Cabinet.  Families with young children need to worry about access to knives and other sharp objects.  You can have a built in knife cabinet installed that slides into your cabinetry for safety.  As an added benefit you will also have more counter space.
  • Space for the iPad.  Many cooks are using their iPad for recipes, listening to music, and staying connected while working in the kitchen.  You can have an iPad station installed into your kitchen that connects to speakers for optimal sound quality.
  • Recycling and Garbage Center.  Instead of having the garbage can out for all to see, have a custom cabinet created to hold your recycling and garbage cans.  It can have a slide out feature to ensure that the garbage is thrown away without making a mess under the sink.
  • Warming Oven.  Busy families can save time by cooking in advance.  You can cook dinner before the picking the kids up from school and keep it in the warmer to be ready after soccer practice.


Your kitchen can become more functional and make your life easier.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions,  we can meet with you, discuss your family’s needs and suggest ways to improve your kitchen.  By creating a customized plan you can have the kitchen of your dreams in no time.


Backyard Sheds You Want to Spend Time In

shedFor avid gardeners spring and summer are exciting times.  Flowers are in bloom and there is work to do in the yard.  With the weather cooperating now is the time to enjoy the great outdoors.  A backyard shed or storage space is the best way to keep all of your tools in easy reach. For most people a shed means putting a boring metal building in the far corner of the yard, far enough away that people don’t notice it.  There are many ways to build a shed in your yard that is functional and nice to look at.  If you are outside all the time make sure that your shed is also a place you enjoy being with comforting extras built in for the gardeners in your home.


Here is how you can have a shed you will want to spend time in:


  • Wood Building.  Forgo the standard metal building for a custom built, wood shed.  This way you can incorporate the features you want.
  • Insulation.  Your shed can be used in the winter months as well.  We can place insulation in your shed to help keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Lighting.  Have electrical installed into your shed so that you can have proper lighting installed.  Looking for things in a dimly lit shed is a quick way to become scared of spiders and avoid yard work.
  • French Doors.  Install French Doors instead of standard ones.  This will give your shed more of a homey look, provide additional light, and let others see when you are in the shed planting or working.
  • Windows.  Install a window directly over your work space.
  • Storage.  A shed needs to have a variety of storage options including places to hang tools, places for large backs, pots, plants and more.  We can customize the shed storage based on how you will be using it.
  • Work Bench.  No shed is complete without a work bench.  This area can be used for planting and tinkering.
  • Sitting Area.  An outdoor shed doesn’t have to be all work.  Make it slightly larger and incorporate a seating area.  You can relax, have some tea, and take a break from gardening while reading your favorite book.  This can become a quiet and restful place.
  • Flooring.  Instead of sticking with an unfinished floor you can have a hardy laminate installed that is easy to clean and comes in a variety of patterns.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can design an outdoor shed that is customized to your needs.  It can be built to match the style and look of the main house to give it the look of an outbuilding, rather than an afterthought. Contact us today to design your perfect gardening space.