Built in Bar for Easy Entertaining


Built in BarYou don’t have to go out for happy hour.  If you love to entertain friends consider installing a bar into your own home. Even those that don’t like to drink can have fun with a built in bar.  You can use it as an area to store cold drinks and serve appetizers.

You don’t need a large room to install a state of the art entertaining area.  All you need is some wall space.  We can easily install a customized bar into your living room, family room, basement or even outside.

Here are some things to include in your customized, built in, bar and entertainment area:

  • Cupboards.  Install several built in cupboards for storing glasses of various sizes, serving platters, and appetizer plates.  This can also free up cupboard space in your kitchen by moving nice crystal and wine glasses out of that space.
  • Refrigerator.  A built in refrigerator is essential for any bar and entertainment area.  Discuss with your contractor the type of entertaining that you like to do.  Your fridge must be large enough to accommodate the appetizers you like to serve and your entertainment style will dictate whether a full size fridge is necessary.
  • Wine Fridge.  Keep your white and sparkling wine at the perfect serving temperature by installing a built in wine fridge.
  • Wine Storage.  Display your wine bottles by installing open wine shelving similar to a restaurant.  Slide bottles in and grab them quickly for tasting parties.
  • Sink.  Adding a sink to your bar area is ideal for people that like to make quick appetizers on the spot.
  • Dishwasher.  No one likes to do the dishes.  Installing a dishwasher lets you clean glasses and appetizer plates immediately, rather than waiting and transporting them into the main kitchen for cleanup.
  • Beer on Tap.  Nothing makes guests feel like they are at the bar like cold beer on tap.  We can install a place for kegs of your favorite beer in your home bar.
  • Seating.  If you have a larger area, like a basement or corner of the family room, install bar seating for guests to comfortably hang out.

A built in bar and entertaining area can take your home parties to a new level.  Even casual Friday night hang outs can be more fun.  If you love to have friends and family over give us a call to see how we can turn your home into an entertainer’s paradise.

Lighting Ideas for Your Home – Highlight Your Home’s Beauty

Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Take a look around your house and notice the lighting within your personal surroundings. Lighting can make a difference in the look and feel of the rooms within your home. It helps you to remain calm, creating a positive atmosphere. Good lighting can make your home look phenomenal. You can decorate your home with beautiful lighting and make every room shine.

CFL LightingHere are some lighting ideas for your home:

CFL – Economic and Energy Efficient

Gone are those days where people used incandescent bulbs for home lighting. CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) are ruling the market. They outscore traditional bulbs on various factors like long life and low consumption of electricity.

Install multiple light sources per room

Multiple lighting sources are needed in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

  1. Bathroom – Let the mirror in the bathroom be flanked by task lighting to help you see better when doing your hair and makeup. Good lighting can prevent cuts from shaving and improper or blotchy makeup. Normal overhead lights are recommended to get rid of shadows that fall on the face.
  2. Kitchen – Use general overhead lighting.  Install under cabinet lights or under counter lights where you place the utensils and prepare food to help you see what you are doing during meal preparation. Hanging pendants look beautiful and can provide direct lighting above specific areas like the sink or prep island to avoid injuries while working with knives or cleaning up. Shadows can be eliminated by using lights in various directions. For a high tech, modern solution, LED lights can be used with sensors to show light whenever you open cabinets.
  3. Living Room – The living room is used for a variety of purposes and should have lighting to match each one. Use table lamps when you read books, newspapers, magazines or when using the computer. Use ambient lighting when you watch TV to reduce the eye strain. Accent lighting can be used to highlight paintings, art or valuable items kept on the showcase.
  4. Bedroom – Use low wattage bulbs for subtle lighting in the bedroom.  You can set your lights to a timer so that they automatically turn off when you are normally nodding off to sleep.  This is ideal for people that fall asleep watching television or reading.  A small lamp or nightlight can also be set on a timer to come on at the exact right time so that the children in your home can be comfortable in the dark.

The lighting in your home should highlight features like beautiful millwork, gorgeous countertops, and your favorite built ins. Installing lighting in strategic places within your home can make a room extraordinary.  As a professional contractor we can advise you as to the exact placement and type of light that should be installed in each room in order to reach your goals.  With the use of modern technology, lighting can be set to turn on and off exactly when you need it.  Lighting can even be installed to highlight your latest antique purchase or family painting hanging on the wall.  Contact us today to see how proper lighting can transform your home into the showstopper it can be.