Solving Your Storage Nightmare

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Every home owner has that one room or area of the home that feels cluttered and out of control.  It could be the family room that has books, toys and movies strewn about in haphazard fashion or the laundry room with piles of clean clothes mixed with dirties and laundry products on cluttered open shelves.  Perhaps it is the garage that has boxes stacked here and there without a rhyme or reason.  Regardless of which room or rooms in your home leave you feeling chaotic or cluttered there are design solutions that can help.  Too often people think of storage solutions as things that only work in a kitchen or bathroom.  While kitchen remodeling is high on the impact list and a must do for any cook – there are ways to improve every room of your home so that they function better and leave you feeling more relaxed.

Think about the various rooms in your home and ask yourself if you feel peaceful or frazzled.  Do you know where to find your purse every time or are you searching around like a mad woman when it’s time to leave?  Do your kids know where to find their soccer cleats or are they in a pile in the garage, leading to twenty minutes of frantic searching?  When it is time for the annual camping trip do you have the tent stuffed in one closet while the sleeping bags are in the crawl space and the camp stove is in a cabinet?  At the first sign of snow are you desperately searching for the family’s winter boots?  No one is perfect so if you are answering yes to these questions don’t feel bad about it – change it!  Working with a design expert at New Jersey’s Cipriani Remodeling Solutions  you can come up with storage solutions that put you in control, make it more enjoyable to be home, and prevent the last minute rush to search for important items.  Busy families do not have time to spend searching for things.  By creating storage solutions so that everything has its place, you free up more time to spend together, doing what you love.

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~Bethany Wood

Countertop Decisions

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Shopping for countertops will mean making numerous choices of style and function. In order to narrow your search and choose the right countertops, consider asking yourself the questions listed on next pages.

When Shopping for Countertops: Here are some Questions to Ask Yourself

1. As far as the feel of the countertops, do I prefer a textured or a smooth surface? 2. Do I like the convenience that an integrated sink will add to my kitchen?

3. When it comes to color, do I like a solid option or do I prefer patterns like veins of complementing color throughout?

4. Is the material for the countertops a concern? Do I prefer material that is from a natural source or a manmade type?

5. Do I prefer to use a separate cutting board or do I want the option to chop foods directly on the countertop?

6. Do I bake quite often and will need to roll dough on the countertops?
7. Will I need to be able to place hot pots on the counters without fear of damage?

8. Is staining an issue? Will I need to be concerned if certain liquids, like red wine, are spilled on the countertops?

9. Will I be ok with a type of countertop that will need to be resealed on a regular basis?


Countertop Questions PDF Download – Print and Enjoy!


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we will help you choose the best countertops for your South Jersey Home Remodeling project!

Cooling Appliances

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When you get ready to go shopping for new cooling appliances like refrigerators, wine coolers, and freezers, you may need a little help choosing the right one.  The questions below are a good way to help you narrow your options and make the right choices.  Consider printing out this questionnaire and taking it along with you when you shop.

When Shopping for Cooling Appliances:  Here are some Questions to Ask Yourself

Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

1. If I will be placing my new appliances in the same place as my current ones, what are the dimensions of the area where I will be placing them? If I intend to move my appliances, what size area do I have?

2. As far as capacity, what type of interior space will I want? Will I have a large number of people making use of the refrigerator or will it just be a small group?

3. Will I be installing my refrigerator in a new space? If so, will I be able to open the doors on all surrounding cabinets with ease? Will the doors on the refrigerator open properly?

4. What type of doors do I prefer for my new refrigerator? Would I like doors that open on the right or on the left? Or, would I prefer a side by side appliance? Am I interested in a unit with the freezer on the bottom?

5. Am I working with a small space? Do I need to consider a compact or portable refrigerator? Would one that installs under a cabinet work better?

6. Am I interested in appliances that will conserve electricity or water? Am I willing to pay more in order to save money on future utilities?

7. Am I interested in keeping large amounts of pre-prepared frozen meals? Will I need a large freezer to accommodate this?

8. Would I be interested in a drawer refrigerator or one that fits under the counter? Would I want one of these to accommodate large amounts of space or to provide accessibility for children?

9. Am I looking to create a certain look in my kitchen? A professional look would include stainless steel appliances and a traditional look would include paneled and concealing doors. Would I prefer a retro style with unique, retro designed appliances?

10. Am I interested in a beverage center or a wine chiller? Would I want this in the kitchen, a den, or even an outdoor room?

11. What types of features do I want for my refrigerator? Do I want an ice maker, a water dispenser, door dispensers, or a water filter unit?

12. What types of compartments do I need for my refrigerator? Do I want specialty shelving, climate control compartments, or wine holders?


Cooling Appliances PDF Download – Print and Enjoy!