A kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can be messy and cause a disruption to your daily life. Both the kitchen and bathroom are obviously necessary for your everyday living, so if you decided to stay at home during the renovation, you’ll need to do some planning.  

Here are ways you can live safely and comfortably in your home during a major home renovation. 


You’ll be asked to clear the area that will be renovated. Storing your things in your basement is one option, but this can also disrupt your lifestyle. The contents of the room must be out of the way before the construction starts. Consider renting a storage unit if you don’t have a garage. 


Before hiring a contractor, ask them about their cleanup procedure at the end of each workday. Most bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies use plastic seating to cover the workspace and contain dust and debris. 


A kitchen remodel can be a challenge if you can’t use your appliances. Set up a makeshift kitchen in another part of the house with running water. Consider using paper plates and cups so you can clean up easily. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least one bathroom at home, so remodel one bathroom at a time. Consider showering at the gym if you have a membership.

Kids and Pets

It’s best to keep kids and pets away from the renovation area. Designate areas where kids can safely play. Set up a comfortable area for your pet away from the construction area with all the supplies they need. 

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