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Get Things Looking Up in Your Kitchen


Space saving skylights free-up kitchen wall space for more cabinets and shelves while admitting abundant daylight and natural ventilation. Energy Star-qualified VELUX no leak solar powered fresh air skylights and blinds are operated by touchpad programmable remote control and close automatically in case of rain. The skylights, blinds, and installation costs are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit. Details at www.whyskylights.com.

When you’re planning a full kitchen renovation, or even just a few choice upgrades, counter tops, cabinets, appliances and flooring command your attention. But do you ever look up? Unless a lightbulb burns out or you want to replace a light fixture, you probably don’t think much about the ceiling in your kitchen or other rooms.

Yet with all the cooking and living that goes on in the kitchen, a whole lot of unpleasantness can gather in the top half of the room, including heat and moisture, cooking odors and grease. All that can make the ceiling dingy, darken the room and turn the air in your kitchen stale and unpleasant. As you’re refurbishing your kitchen, here are some ways – simple to lofty – to improve the ceiling and brighten the whole room:

The simple stuff

Just as painting walls is the easiest, most cost-effective way to create a new look in a room, painting the kitchen ceiling can have a huge impact on how the room feels and functions. For example, if your kitchen is short on windows and often feels dark, painting the ceiling a high gloss white can help brighten it by reflecting light back down into the room. You can also add faux tin ceiling tiles to reflect light and to create a vintage look.

Stuck with light-colored flooring, countertops and cabinets that make the room look washed out? Adding a subtle hue to the ceiling can help bring color to the room without the aggressiveness of a heavy wall color. Even if your kitchen has no design issues you need to resolve from the top down, repainting the ceiling can impart a fresh, bright look.

Perhaps new light fixtures aren’t in your budget or you really like the ones you have. In either event, replacing incandescent or flourescent light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs can soften harsh overhead lighting and use less electricity at the same time.

Practical luxury

Kitchens cry out for light but with wall space often largely devoted to cabinets, it can be a challenge to get enough natural light into the room through windows alone. Adding a skylight is a cost-effective way to compensate for a lack of windows and to bring balanced natural light and fresh air into a kitchen.

Skylights can help vent cooking odors and moisture from the kitchen if you choose Energy Star-qualified solar-powered fresh-air skylights, like those from Velux America. A programmable touch pad remote control operates the skylights as well as accessories like blinds. Solar powered blinds, which improve the overall energy efficiency of the skylights even more, are available in colors and patterns and allow you to make a design statement while giving you full control of the light that enters the space.

In addition to kitchens, bedrooms and baths are the most popular rooms for skylights since you get the same natural light and passive ventilations benefits while maintaining privacy.

And no-leak solar powered skylights, which close automatically in case of rain, as well as solar powered blinds, can be upgrades that partially pay for themselves since both can qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit, as do the installation costs. Visit www.whyskylights.com to learn more.

Lofty aspirations

Adding a ceiling medallion is a simple yet high-impact way to change the look of your kitchen ceiling. You can either position it around an existing light fixture or place it above a kitchen island. Installing a medallion is well within the abilities of most do-it-yourselfers and you can accomplish the project in less than a day.

Wood accents, such as paneling, crown molding or a wooden frame add luxury and depth to kitchen ceilings. These are complex installations that may require you to hire a professional but they can pay off big to create your dream kitchen.

Investing some money, thought and effort into upgrading your ceilings can help give the rooms a new look and feel while providing benefits that are both beautiful and practical.

Featured Image- Space saving skylights free-up kitchen wall space for more cabinest and shelfs while admitting abundant daylight and providing natural ventilation. Energy Star-qualified VELUX no leak solar powered fresh air skylights and blinds are operated by touchpad programmable remote control and close automatically in case of rain. The skylights, blinds, and installation costs are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit. Details at www.whyskylights.com.

To learn about how to get things looking up in your  kitchen, visit Cipriani Remodeling Solutions to schedule your FREE in home consultation.

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Smart Sensational Ways to Customize Your Shower


Any real estate agent will tell you great bathrooms help sell homes. But what if you’re not planning to sell any time soon and still want to have a memorable, attention-grabbing room? Start by upgrading your shower; it’s the heart of creating an amazing bathroom. Use these smart sensational ways to customize your shower experience.

A relaxing shower at the end of a tough day is one of the fastest, most effective ways to unwind. And an invigorating shower in the morning can set the stage for a positive day. No other element in the bathroom provides a better chance to pamper yourself with luxury, while still serving a vital, practical purpose.

Creating a custom shower experience – tailored to your tastes and needs – doesn’t have to be as pricey as you think. Showers are actually among the least costly parts of the bath to upgrade. Nor does it have to involve extensive renovation. A few simple changes can help you achieve a top-notch shower experience without taking a bath on costs.

1. The power of the showerhead

The showerhead is, of course, the heart of the shower. Simply replacing a utilitarian showerhead with one that features multiple settings can be a major step up, but why stop there? Manufacturers like Danze, Inc. offer an array of showerheads and accessories that make changing a showerhead the quickest (and possibly easiest) way to transform your shower experience.

Multi-spray, single-spray, rainfall, shower arms and hand showers can work together in virtually any combination you choose. Showerheads can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, depending on the model you choose, and many Danze showerheads feature air injection technology that provides a powerful spray even when water pressure is low (or strictly regulated). Various models are water efficient, so while you’re doing something for yourself, you’re also helping the environment by conserving water. Most showerhead changes can operate off existing plumbing, but consult a plumbing professional when you feel a bit in over your DIY head. Visit www.danze.com to learn more.

2. Showering with light and sound

Light and music have a powerful effect on mood, so it makes sense to incorporate their emotional impact into your shower experience. Shower lighting now goes way beyond a single recessed canister light set in the ceiling above the shower. Dimmable lighting allows you to control the amount of light stimulation – from low and relaxing to bright and invigorating. Ceiling-mounted chromatherapy lights use the color spectrum to further enhance mood in your shower. Cables of LED lights at the top or bottom of a shower enclosure can accent the space and provide gentle, low-level light. Sconces and overhead lighting can help fully illuminate the shower when needed.

Waterproof radios first introduced Americans to the idea of musical accompaniment to their shower experience. Now it’s possible to plug your iPod into your home’s audio system and stream your favorite music directly into the bathroom. If your home’s not that high-tech, you can still listen to your tunes in the shower by simply adding portable and waterproof speakers in the bathroom. These Bluetooth enabled speakers let you stream the music directly into the shower.

3. The perfect resting spots

Seating in the shower is no longer just for older folks. Stylish, portable shower seats now make it possible to rest while you’re relaxing in the shower. You can also opt for a wall-mounted seat that folds flat to the wall when not in use. Short on space in the shower? Opt for a corner seat — you can find removable corner stools or wall-mounted options.

Consider adding a foot rest to make shaving easier. Again, options range from wall-mounted designs that match your shower’s existing hardware, to portable options that can be removed and tucked away when not in use.

The shower isn’t just a place Americans go to get clean, it’s an important part of your home that can directly impact your mood and sense of well being. Creating a custom shower experience can be a cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom and take care of your emotional health, too.

For information on a bathroom renovation or to schedule a FREE in home consultation, visit Cipriani Remodeling Solutions.

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep

21875576Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Improve your sleep and you will improve your health. Here are three simple tips to get you  on the road to better sleep. As the fall and winter months approach, you’re probably planning to take preventative health measures recommended by your doctor: get the flu shot; wash your hands more often and sneeze into your elbow instead of your hands. But one thing that makes you more susceptible to getting sick is being stressed and run down. Despite living in a world where everyone is constantly on-the-go, you can’t avoid the fact that proper sleep is a key element when it comes to overall health.

Sleep is your body’s time to recuperate, so the less quality sleep you get, the less time your body has to do what it needs to do to keep you healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends adults get seven-to-eight hours of sleep each night, and that teens and children get nine hours or more. Unfortunately, a quarter of the American population reports that they get inadequate sleep, which the CDC has deemed a public health epidemic. However, changing a few simple things about your daily routine or the room in which you sleep can greatly improve the quality of the sleep you get and, in turn, help improve your overall health.

Stick to a sleep schedule. Make sure that you go to bed and get up at roughly the same time each day, even on weekends. Having a consistent sleep pattern helps regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle, helping you to sleep better at night. If you have trouble falling asleep within the first 20 minutes or so of going to bed, that’s okay – simply go into another room and do something relaxing until you feel tired. Agonizing over falling asleep will only make it tougher for you to get the rest you need.

Get cozy. This means making sure you have comfortable bedding. In a U.S.-based survey conducted by the American Down and Feather Council (ADFC), 70 percent of consumers surveyed, who use down and feather products, agreed that they get a better night’s sleep with down and feather bedding. Furthermore, 55 percent agreed that there are health benefits to sleeping with down and feather products, because they:

* Regulate your body temperature – Down and feather is a natural material that wicks away moisture and perspiration, allowing it to quickly evaporate rather than trapping it. This reduces wakefulness due to being too hot or too cool.

* Provide proper support – Down and feather pillows conform to the body more naturally than many synthetic fibers or foam pillows.

* Help tame allergens – Down and feather products are tightly woven and provide a clean, natural and moisture-free environment, so they aren’t conducive to dust mites, which are a source of allergies for nearly 20 million Americans.

Assess your sleeping conditions. Your bedroom should be cool – between 60 and 67 degrees – and should be dark and quiet. Consider using room-darkening shades, and make sure to ‘power down’ before you go to sleep. This means turning off TVs, computers or other sources of blue light that may hurt your sleep. To help block-out extra noise, consider using a fan or ‘white noise’ machines to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

There are plenty of reasons to love the fall and winter months, and you’ll certainly appreciate these cooler months even more if you’re getting the adequate amount of sleep that you need to stay healthy. If you’re having trouble sleeping, start by making changes right to your bedroom – see what a difference the quality of your bedding can make.

If you’d like to learn more about down and feather products, visit DownandFeatherCouncil.com.

To get a FREE in home consultation on home renovation needs, contact Cipriani Remodeling Solutions

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Fall Curb Appeal in 5 Simple Steps


Soon, all things pumpkin spice will be here, including the home visitors that bring them. In preparation of the door bell ringing, create a little spice of your own with some seasonal curb appeal. You don’t have to limit yourself to pumpkins and hay bales — below are tips and projects for sprucing up your home’s view from the curb this season.

Front door, first impressions

Your front door is one of the first things people notice about your home. Give your door a fresh face with a coat of paint in a bold fall color to draw the eye to this focal point of your home.

Another project is to replace the door entirely. Consider options with decorative glass accents, and stunning sidelights (windows on either side of the door) to add more natural light while maintaining a sense of style and privacy. Plus, as temperatures start to drop, Energy Star -qualified entry doors, like those from Pella, will help maintain your home’s energy efficiency. For entry door inspiration check out Pinterest, your resident showroom or your local home improvement store.

Accessorize with new hardware

Replace your front door hardware for a quick, easy facelift. Choose hardware finishes that compliment light fixtures, mailbox and house numbers for a polished, cohesive look. You’ll be delightfully surprised what a difference new hardware can make in creating an updated look to your home.

Refresh exterior body and trim colors

For a dramatic change, repaint your home’s exterior. It’s bold and can make your home stand out from other homes on the block. Not up for the bold change? To make an impact with a smaller change, add new trim colors. When updating trim, choose color schemes that match your home’s primary exterior color, or complement it with a fresh twist.

Create points of interest with plants

You don’t have to stop enjoying beautiful plants and flowers simply because summer is over. Add pops of color by arranging pots filled with hearty fall flowers like mums, sedum or asters around your front door, or on a porch or deck. Incorporate planters or container gardens of varied sizes, shapes and colors to add visual interest.

Accent with lighting

As summer light fades into shorter, darker days, add exterior accent lighting to the front of your home. Illuminate a walking path with ground-insert solar lights. Or consider solar spotlights to bring out landscaping or to shine on your updated front door. Install matching light fixtures outside your front door, garage door or patio door to provide well-lit entrances that are stylish and inviting to neighbors and guests.

For more curb appeal inspiration, follow Pella on Pinterest and Houzz and visit Cipriani Remodeling Solutions for more ideas on how to transform the look and comfort of your home inside and out.

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Mark Incollingo Participates in Doors for Hope



When we heard Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity was holding its first Doors for Hope Event, it seemed a natural fit for our resident doors for hopeartist, Mark Incollingo, to donate a door. The Doors for Hope Event takes doors and matches them to artists. The artists then apply their magic and create an original work of art. The doors get a second life with a beautiful new makeover.


Mark Incollingo is an award-winning Remodeling Designer here at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. He not only has many years of designing experience under his belt, but he is also a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, and we are fortunate to have such an accomplished designer. Although he secretly admits to loving his pieces, like most artists Mark does not like to boast about his work, and many clients don’t know that Mark is also an artist.


Growing up, Mark found himself always drawn to museums. Mark laughs, “I never sought art out, it just kind of found me.” In his 1923241_1094321325558_4378124_nmid-twenties, he began painting homemade canvases. He used sheets to make them, and he likes to be able to recycle something in his projects. In this image, Mark picked this chair out of the trash to give it his “trash to treasure” treatment. Voilà! Something old is new again! His daughters love this chair and use it daily.

Habitat for Humanity will auction off its Doors for Hope in October. Since it’s a family favorite, Mark plans to give his Door for Hope his puzzle treatment. For more information, visit http://gc-habitat.org/doors-for-hope-event/



Mark’s artwork has been exhibited in a New York gallery and most recently at the Markeim Arts Center in Haddonfield, New Jersey. http://www.markeimartscenter.org Mark has sold over 50 pieces in his painting career and uses a wide variety of mediums. He is inspired by some of his favorite artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chegall, and Marcel Duchamp are at the top of his list. Mark’s pieces are colorful and inspiring. They make you feel happy. You cannot help but smile when viewing his work.



Don’t be lead astray by his art work. Mark’s artistic flair is one of the reasons he is a great designer. His talents set him apart as a remodeling designer. He has a wonderful ability to take his clients wish list and create the vision for his clients.

If you are thinking about a home renovation and are looking for someone with a keen eye for detail and you need help creating a vision for your space, Mark Incollingo is the perfect choice for your project. For your free consultation, visit http://www.ciprianiremodelingsolutions.com/contact-cipriani/



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What the Houzz?

I remember as a child gathering all the magazines in the house I could find. I would lie on the floor and look through them for hours. I would plan, draw and design spaces, anything from Tree-houses to travel trailers. As I grew into my career as a designer, I had an enormous collection of favorite pages torn from magazines carefully organized in special binders. Then, my friends, the age of Pinterest and Houzz were born. I can still “tear out all those pages” but just in a different way. They are digital. In this article I’ll get you up to speed on the basics for Houzz and how it is of great benefit to you for your home.

What the Houzz?  It is pronounced just like house. It’s just a creative spin on the spelling for house. You can find it at Houzz.com. The creators of this site started out as homeowners who had done a renovation. They did exactly what I had done for years, collected pages from magazines. This is where the idea was born in 2009. Today, Houzz has tens of millions of users and an endless supply of imagery for all design styles. It is completely free to use.

Step one of becoming a Houzzer. Simply create an account here. Create a user name and password, then just start searching. You can type in anything you are looking for related to a home. For example, you can search white cabinetry, pools or paint designs.

Step two of earning Houzzer stripes. Create ideabooks and add to them. Let’s say you are planning a kitchen remodel, you can create an ideabook called my kitchen, the dream kitchen or ideas for the kitchen. You can create multiple idea books for the kitchen. These would be great ideabook titles, cabinet ideas for the kitchen or flooring ideas for the kitchen. Then when you find images that have something you love and would help to inspire your project, save the image to one of your ideabooks.

ideabook houzz snap shot

Screen Snapshot of our Pro Houzz profile ideabooks page. Ideabook- Soothing Retreats

Step three of becoming a whiz at using Houzz. Create many ideabooks. Think of it as a very detailed organizational system for your ideas. If you find a photo that has kitchen cabinet knobs that you love, but the rest of the kitchen isn’t your style, just save the image to your Cabinet Knobs ideabook. The more ideabooks you create, the easier it will be to find and communicate with your remodeling designer.

Some suggested idea books for a kitchen remodel:
Cabinetry Style- kitchen
Cabinetry Knobs/handles-kitchen
Flooring- kitchen
Paint colors- kitchen
Lighting- kitchen
Trim work- kitchen
Counter top- kitchen
Back splash- kitchen
Appliances- kitchen
Layouts for kitchen


You can repeat this process for any room of your home. Thinking of a bathroom project? Just use the same ideabook titles above but change to bathroom instead of kitchen.

The last tip for using Houzz for your next home project is to share your ideabooks with your remodeling designer. This can be done digitally. Simply use the email share feature or the collaborate feature.

One other really important feature for you as a homeowner to note is the ability for you to search top local professionals. You can see their 2014_BOH_ServiceLARGEwork, and read reviews. It is a great way to find who is at the top of their game in your local area. If you are interviewing a remodeler or contractor and he/she does not know about Houzz, run! Service providers can earn badges like this one.

At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we love Houzz. We tell all of our clients about it. Why? Because over the years we have discovered that it is very difficult and sometimes uncomfortable for clients to communicate about the design of their space. Utilizing a site like Houzz has given them a voice. When I we have a client that has and uses a Houzz account, we find they are able to share their hopes and dreams for their home much more on point. It makes for a great project experience. Communication is everything and when clients have the right tools to communicate it is so helpful in facilitating ideas and inspiration. You can see our Houzz profile here. We update our profile regularly, so “follow” us once you sign up.
For more information, or to get a more personalized look at our portfolio, contact Cipriani Remodeling Solutions at info@ciprianibuilders.com or 856.853.8398. www.CiprianiRemodelingSolutions.com

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Make Your Cambria® Dream Kitchen a Reality

Cambria® quartz counter-top material is a true beauty and work of art. But don’t be fooled by its captivating beauty.  This material is tough enough to stand up to even the harshest of family or professional environments.
Cambria surfaces are 93% pure quartz, and granite surfaces typically contain only 40–60% quartz.  This makes the granite not as durable as the Cambria quartz material.  Cambria quartz is much less susceptible to damage than a traditional granite material.  It will be less likely to chip, crack or scratch, and Cambria’s durability also means you can be more creative with the edge profiles.  This allows for crafting edge shapes with wider overhangs to create a kitchen like no other.  They offer 19 different edge profiles to choose from.

Shirebrook_Waterstone Collection

Shirebrook Waterstone Collection

The quartz material is also a nonporous and nonabsorbent surface.  Granite is a porous and absorbent material.  Cambria quartz gives off zero emissions and no radon.  Cambria has also been tested for radon by Air Quality Sciences, Inc. .  All Cambria surfaces are certified by Greenguard®  (Visit their site to learn more about this certification.)  These certifications make this surface material a safe and reliable option, not just for homes but also for schools, professional settings and even medical facilities.

Another plus for this material is the ease of use and the simple cleaning process.  Simply use soap and warm water to maintain your Cambria quartz material.  Granite requires periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning to keep it clean and safe for use, another big plus for Cambria products.
For even more fun with Cambria quartz, you can download an app from the Itunes store.

Bellingham_Waterstone Collection

Bellingham Waterstone Collection Cambria Quartz

“Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Afford To Finance Today” is a new program being offered by Cambria.  It allows you to finance up to $55,000 for your entire remodeling project. Just choose from a vast selection of styles from the Cambria material* for your next remodel project.  You can choose from two easy options to pay with no prepayment penalties or closing costs**.  Make no payment for up to one full year (by choosing Cambria’s same-as-cash payment options to take advantage of no interest and no required monthly payments for up to a year) or take up to 10 years to pay (Finance by Cambria also offers long-term financing for up to 10 years at a competitive 6.99% fixed interest rate).  To see if you qualify, give us call to schedule your FREE consultation.  To learn more about Cambria Financing options, visit http://cambriausa.com/en/Purchasing/financing/.
Make your Cambria® dream kitchen a reality today with award winning remodeling designers and 3D diagraming.  Cipriani Remodeling Solutions offers a full selection of Cambria in our showroom located at 665 North Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096.  To schedule a FREE consultation on ways to incorporate Cambria into your new kitchen or bath remodel, call Cipriani Remodeling Solutions at 856-853-8398 or visit http://www.ciprianiremodelingsolutions.com/contact-cipriani

* Financing available for residential property projects using Cambria® natural stone surfaces.
** Loans provided by EnerBank USA (1245 Brickyard Rd., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. (reduced interest loans) Repayment terms vary from 60 to 120 months. 6.99% fixed APR, effective as of December 2014.  Minimum loan amounts apply. The first monthly payment will be due 30 days after the loan closes. (same as cash loans).  Repayment terms vary from 18 to 132 months. 16.89% fixed APR, as of December 2014, is subject to change.  Interest waived if repaid within the promotional same as cash period.

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Matt Slingerland Achieves Certification from National Kitchen and Bath Association

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is a non-profit trade association that promotes the professionalism of the kitchen and bath industry. Today, it is revered as an authority on the kitchen and bath industry by a large network of peers, distributors, retailers, remodelers, manufacturers, installers, designers, and other industry professionals. As seen on their site, “The NKBA’s certification program emphasizes continuing education and career development and includes designers and professionals in all segments of the kitchen and bath industry. The NKBA has become a valuable resource for both professionals and consumers.” To read more about the NKBA follow this link. Photos-06
Matt Slingerland achieves certification from National Kitchen and Bath Association. So why would someone pursue certifications from the NKBA? Well, a commitment to provide the highest level of client service and satisfaction. Planning and designing a living space, such as a kitchen or bath, requires knowledge of many specific details and an expertly trained eye to focus in on all the right details. Professionals with a passion for the kitchen and bath industry have a respect and loyalty in seeking the proper education to allow their clients to entrust their home to them. With the rise in popularity of television shows and stations such as HGTV and the DIY Network, homeowners are getting a peak into the exciting and enticing environment of home renovation. Problem is- it is just that, a peak and many details are not seen or know by the uneducated television viewer. As such, it is extremely important for clients planning a renovation project to hire qualified educated professionals. At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we are constantly learning and advancing our skills and talents. Matt Slingerland is a great example of commitment and dedication to his career, his team and most of all his clients. Matt has taken courses with the NKBA to obtain his first level of certification, Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer, AKBD.
Like most of our clients who love the television home improvement world, Matt was intrigued as well. In 2007, he began to follow his interests and chase his passion. Matt says, “Due to the popularity of HGTV, Houzz, and the DIY Network, today homeowners are only getting bits and pieces of information which can lead to a false sense of confidence for many homeowners about what is right or wrong. Many clients are completely overwhelmed with information by the time I meet them. I realized that to serve them the best I can, taking courses by the NKBA, and getting certified would make me a better designer, and more helpful to my clients.”
He continues with, “One of the things I really love about kitchen and bath design is there is a so much to learn. I love learning. I think I have 5 different books on my desk right now and another 5 or so on my night stand.” Matt loves learning the home renovation industry, he says, “One of the things that initially drew me to Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, and why I love working here, is the culture that encourages on-going education. The neat thing about the courses I was taking was that I could learn new things, and then turn around and use the new knowledge I received right away with my clients. It is extremely rewarding.”
Matt did not set out to pursue a career in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. He had gone to school for, and was pursuing a different career. He kind of stumbled into this field when a position was offered to him by someone he knew that owned a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. That was it, he was hooked. He fell in love with designing kitchens and baths. The following quote by Matt really sums up his passion well, “It provides me with a great creative outlet. I grew up in a very creative home. My Dad is an incredibly talented musician. I think he plays about 10 different instruments really well, and is great at many different genres of music, although Jazz is his favorite. Growing up I saw how important it was to have a way to exercise your creativity, and have found remodeling to be a perfect way to do that. I find it very rewarding, and a lot of fun.” – Matt Slingerland
To have Matt design your next addition, kitchen or bath project, contact Cipriani Remodeling Solutions at info@ciprianibuilders.com or 856.853.8398


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Why Flamingos are Pink and a Color Inspiration


Nature has a funny way of utilizing color. Take for example the pink flamingo. Flamingos are usually pink, white, orange or a unique combination of all three of these colors. Have you ever wondered why the flamingos are pink? It has to do with what they eat. Their diet consists mainly of shrimp, algae and crustaceans which are organisms. These organisms are high in pigments called carotenoids. These carotenoids also cause the shrimp to turn gray when they are boiled.


The reason, well, it has to do with chemistry. The enzymes in their liver breaks down the carotenoids into the pigment molecules that eventually become deposited in the feathers and other body parts. Young flamingos actually have gray plums, as they grow and their diet changes, their color adapts. Flamingos in captivity are feed a special diet that includes specific foods to maintain the color that they would achieve if they were in the wild. If they were not feed this diet in captivity they would be white or very pale pink.


So how do humans keep from not becoming different shades of the rainbow when we eat, say salad? Well, typically humans are not eating enough of any one particular food to cause our color to change. Carrots and watermelons are foods rich in carotenoids that could change your skin color. How many would you have to consume is the real question.
Learning about how nature directly affects color gives us a wealth of understanding when choosing colors for our wardrobe or our home. Take the cue from the flamingos; if you want to love the colors in your home, then we should use things from our environment that we love. Love flamingos? Here is a palette that would surely be striking in any room. Another great tip would be to use one of the first 2 colors for the walls and use the remaining colors in accessories. If you are afraid of the darker 2 colors, then use them in only one or two specific pieces. A pillow would work great for sprinkling in vibrant hues.





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ADA Compliant Ramps Done Through a Local Partnership

Cipriani Remodeling Solutions is delighted to share news of our ADA Compliant Ramps project.  The following is the press release announcing the news from the Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity.

HFHGloucester County Habitat for Humanity (GCHFH) is proud to announce the partnerships between the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, and The Home Depot to build ADA compliant access ramps throughout Gloucester County.
These exterior entrance ramps will be constructed to assist those having difficulty with their regular stairs. “The idea started when I received a phone call from the county, explaining the need for the ramps throughout the community,” says Tony Isabella, Executive Director of GCHFH.
The county is projecting the need for 15 to 20 ramps a year to be built throughout the community. GCHFH would additionally like to build a few extra ramps for disabled veterans to support our veteran build initiative.
“A few simple ideas, a gathering of people, and community minded individuals is all it takes to create change” said Jay Cipriani, president of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. “Coming together to make life just a little easier for someone who is in need, is what this partnership is all about” he later added.
The process of building the ramps will begin with the county identifying a home with the need for a ramp. Cipriani, GCHFH, and The Home Depot will then work together to create plans, schedule volunteers, and gather the necessary materials, as each ramp will be different from the next.
Gloucester County Freeholder Jim Jefferson, Liaison to Disability Services said, “The ability to help keep a family together through the act of building an access ramp seems like a simple task, but the cost and coordination can be prohibitive. Gloucester County is proud to join with our community partners to help make ADA ramps a reality for our residents.”
“Giving back is a core value at The Home Depot,” said Corey Lilliston, district manager at The Home Depot. “Team Depot, our associate-led volunteer force, is made up of thousands of Home Depot associates who dedicate their days off to giving back to local communities across the country. We are excited about this opportunity to positively impact the lives of those in our community.”
If you are in need of an access ramp at your home, please contact The Gloucester County Planning Division, Office of Housing & Community Development at 856-307-6664 or the Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity at 856-256-9400.

Tony Isabella, Executive Director
Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity
Daniel Sulpizio, Board President
Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity

For more information, please contact Tammy Collins, Marketing Director at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, 856-853-8398